Monday, May 18, 2015

Leven Rose #RosehipOil

What I love about Leven Rose Rosehip Oil:

1.  100% Organic

2.  Cold Pressed

3.  Unrefined

4.  Amber Glass Bottle

5.  Glass Straw Dropper

6.  Non-GMO, no parabens, no fillers or additives

7,  Satisfaction Guarantee

Rose hip oil is known for it's anti-aging properties in addition to so many other things.  It can help minimize stretch marks, and if used while pregnant is said to help prevent them.   It helps with scarring, moisturizing, and is even good for acne.  I gave a bottle to my neighbor's daughter and she said within two days, her severe acne was drying up and had gone from sore to dry, crusty  i.e healing acne!  Now that is a testimonial!

I have had significant results with my own fine lines using Rosehip Oil, and I especially appreciate that this brand of Oil is made here on our own USA soil.  I am not die hard, only buy USA brands, but if given an opportunity to support our local businesses in lieu of outsourcing our jobs, I will go local any given day!

This is a super easy to use oil.  It is as simple as wash, dry and apply oil.  Even my 11 year old knows how to use it, and what to use it on.  She uses it effectively on her eczema spots and it really helps with the itching and healing those spots!

********Disclaimer:  I received product in exchange for review.  All opinions stated here are exclusively my opinion and 100% honest!****

Mega Mesh Screen Door: Inexpensive Solution to your Screen Door Needs!

This Mega Mesh Screen Door is much less expensive and easier to install than replacing a metal or glass screen door. It is made of sturdy mesh, has magnetic closures so that every time you walk through it, it closes on it's own, and is perfect if you have pets that need to come and go into the yard at will.

This comes with super easy to follow hanging instructions as well as an easy tutorial video which also shows you how to hang the screen door. It took about five minutes total to hang, and it keeps all the flies and mosquitoes as well as other creepy crawlers outside where they belong!

<a href="" rel="nofollow"><img style="display: none" src="" /></a>I really like how this Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen door gives me the comfort of being able to open my back door in the cool evenings without having to spend an arm and a leg hanging a permanent screen door on the house we are renting. This is as easy as Velcro!

***Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for review. All opinions stated here are 100% honest and exclusively my opinion!*****

Monday, May 11, 2015

LaLune Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil is a mainstay in our home. I use it for everything from giving massages to loosen up stiff muscles, on hair for an oil treatment or just to add a little shine, skin moisturizer, and my favorite and most common use is as a carrier oil for my essential oils. I have even used Fractionated coconut oil to get gum out of hair. Gum melts and immediately dissipates when you add oil to it!

Lalune Fractionated Coconut Oil is a smell free, dye free, taste free refined coconut oil that is simply convenient to use! Non-fractionated coconut oil not only smells like coconuts, but it is solid at room temperature (up to a certain degree) so it isn't always convenient to use. By using La Lune Fractionated Coconut oil, you have a liquid product to use no matter what the temperatures are.

My favorite part about this oil is how versatile it is, and it comes with a Risk Free Worry Free Guarantee, so you literally have nothing to use by trying it!

Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for honest feedback. All opinions stated here are 100% honest and my exclusive opinion!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Breezeway Magnetic Screendoor

I have always been a little skeptical about these magnetic screen doors, but I decided to give them a go when given the opportunity to test The Magnetic Screen Door By Breezeway in real life in exchange for my honest review.

The house we are renting is very old, but was recently renovated. However, a screen door on my deck is not something they opted to spend on since they replaced literally everything else from roof to flooring and sheet rock. Well, it is hot, but wouldn't be hot enough for air conditioning if I could just open the door without risking West Nile Virus or some plague from the Texas sized mosquitoes that come in.

So if a $24 magnetic screen I can take with me will work, why not give it a try? This thing is a Godsend! I can come in and out without using my hands, the dog no longer scratches at the door every five minutes to come in and out since he can do it himself, and it is strong and really works.

I like this one so well, I just left my mother a voice mail asking if she is interested since she needs a new screen door on her deck. Why not just get one of these that she can put up and take down to suit her needs? These are a very inexpensive solution to no screen door!

Disclaimer:  I received product in exchange for review.  All opinions stated are exclusive and 100% honest!

Advanta Supplements Melatonin

I have been using Melatonin on and off for my children to sleep with for the last 5 years or so. It started when a doctor suggested it for one of my kids who had then tried everything including prescriptions to sleep and nothing worked. Surprisingly, the melatonin did the trick every time so it quickly became part of our routine. Imagine my surprise and delight when the Vet suggested giving my Akita melatonin for his anxiety attacks when a storm comes! Multiple uses for one product.

I fully admit I wasn't sure how well Advanta Supplements Melatonin would work because of how inexpensive it is. I mean less than $12 for an almost 2 month supply is a steal. However, when I received the opportunity to try this in exchange for my honest real life feedback, I figured I have nothing to lose, so why not?

This is a nice 3 mg dosage of Melatonin which is low/medium dosage. Typical Melatonin dose starts at 1 mg and goes up to 10 mg. I gave this to my dog first, because we had a thunderstorm the day it arrived. The storm arose out of nowhere so he was already in panic mode by the time I dosed him, but boy did he ever sleep for about 10 hours straight once he succumbed to the sleep.

I have been giving it to my one child nightly because she struggles sleeping at all. She has been so impressed she asks me every night if she can take it because she is able to go right to sleep and stay asleep all night which never happens for her otherwise. The proof is in the pudding, and this brand of Melatonin works and works well!

Disclaimer:  I received product for review.  All opinions stated here are exclusive and 100% honest.

Tekubox Waterproof Wireless Speaker

I play music in the bathroom while we shower so that we can conserve water usage . However, I am always afraid that the cellphone is going to get moisture in it and quit working, so when I received the opportunity to try the Tekubox Waterproof Wireless Speaker in exchange for my honest feedback about how it works, I decided to give it a try.

The first thing I fell in love with is the fact that this is a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker! Now, yes, I do own a bunch of rechargeable batteries; however, it seems they are always in use. The more batteries I purchase, the more products that need batteries come in the house. So, it is nice when the product charges itself.

The charger is a usb charger so I can connect it to the computer, add an outlet adapter and plug it in the wall to charge, or charge it at my multi-slot usb wall charger which is really cool. Also, it charges really quickly. I plugged it in an hour before the kids got home from school the other day, and it was fully charged before they were home!

The second thing I like is the materials it is made out of. You can tell they are water safe, and it includes a suction cup to suction to the wall of the shower for safe keeping!

It is universally compatible with multiple different products. Read: If your device has Bluetooth ability, it will connect! And it comes with a 1 year warranty!! For me, that reads childproof. If anything lasts a year or longer with them I am thrilled!

This speaker is super easy to use-I used it without help from my kids, and the price is right so I can't think of anything I would wish differently about this speaker. It plays nicely, sound is good quality, and it's shower proof!
Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for review. All opinions stated are exclusive and 100% honest.

(Re)Fresh Fruit Acid Peel

I have heard really cool things about acid peels for the face, and I even have a student I used to babysit that is grown now with 5 kids who is married to a Plastic Surgeon who used one last year. I was hugely impressed with her results, and while I am not ready to do something professional grade, when I had the chance to use a (Re)Fresh 15% Fruit Acid Gel Peel in exchange for my honest feedback on how it worked, I jumped at the chance.

You can see in the pictures below that I have defined forehead lines and frown marks before the peel. The 2nd picture shows my results after one 5 minute peel. What I love about this peel is that is is from fruit acids that helps improve things like acne scars, sun damage, and light lines. It is just strong enough to make a difference, but light enough of an application to use once a week to slough away dead skin and any new issues that might have popped up the week prior.

While what I really want is a magic wand that returns my skin to the age of 20, I am impressed with how smooth my skin feels. When the peel is on, I feel a slight tingling while it works, but it does not burn at all! This is a definite weekly addition to my beauty routine!

The first picture of my face is me pointing to eye wrinkles, but sadly, the forehead takes precedence! The 2nd picture I took just this morning following a peel outside on my porch with no filter, no makeup, with the sun behind me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Elleda Organic Vitamin C 20% Serum

This Elleda Vitamin C Serum combines the 20% Vitamin C with things like MSM to really help with plumping the skin, regenerating the skin, and reversing/reducing appearance of age. It is a steal at under $15, and I love that it comes in an Amber Glass bottle.

 It also comes with two different lids: one to maintain the pureness of the product, and one with a dropper for dosing. It has made a significant difference on my mother in law's face. Her skin is looking more radiant, shinier, and just as if it has more life than it did before.

She has such great allergies, that she hasn't been able to use good products for years, but she is using this Elleda mostly Organic Vitamin C Serum with zero side effect and loving it. She has tried heating her face with warm compresses prior to applying and she says she notices immediate results upon applying and the product drying, so this is her favorite way to apply. To make it a simpler process she just applies straight out of the hot shower!

 What I wish were different: I wish it were MSM free. This is a personal thing since I am allergic to MSM and I really want to be able to use this product, too. However, my mother in law, the person this product was intended for is loving this bottle of C Serum and bragging about it to everyone she knows! 

********Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for review. All opinions stated here are my exclusive opinion and 100% honest!*********

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beauty Lashious Pink EyeLash Curler

When it comes to beauty routine, whether you wear makeup or not, I have a product you are going to LOVE. Love.  Did I mention you are going to love this?

No, it isn't sliced bread, but it is pretty close:  Beauty Lashious Pink Eyelash Curler.  Now, if you don't wear makeup, I know you are already asking why you would want an eyelash curler.  Because just curling your lashes without even putting on mascara can take the smallest, thinnest, sparsest eyelashes and turns them into HELLO LASHES!

I know you don't believe me, so I am going to prove it.  I even did a video to show you the difference which you can watch right here!

I know you can see the proof is in the video.  Now, before you get all jealous of my gorgeous eyelashes, remember:  you, too, have a gorgeous set of eyelashes.  You just need this handy dandy Beauty Lashious Pink Eyelash Curler to showcase them.

But, Ally, I already have an eyelash curler.  I know, I hear you.  I really do.  I have an eyelash curler, too.  Here I thought I was just destined to no eyelashes, or very little, because no matter how much I curled them-they just were barely there.

The truth is, it wasn't my lashes that was the problem.  It was the tool I was using.  So, this supercalafragiliciousexpialadocious curler is expensive, right?  Wrong!!!!  It is only $10!!! You read that right:  only $10, and you can get one for yourself right now, by clicking here!

Now, what about all the bad parts of the curler?  Well, I can honestly only tell you one thing I would do a little differently.  Actually, additionally is the correct word.  I wish it either came with, or I could purchase extra pink pads.  I love this curler so much that I don't anticipate wanting to buy a different one when the pad wears down, so replacement pad would be awesome!

*******Disclaimer:  I received product in exchange for review.  All opinions are honest, and 100% my exclusive property.**********

Thursday, April 30, 2015

BBQ Grill Gloves Keep Your Hands Safe From Heat

BBQ Grill Gloves are eco-friendly heat resistant gloves that WORK. I have burned my hand too many times to count on a cast iron skillet straight out of a 450 degree oven, so I decided to test these gloves on exactly that.

These gloves are thick like a gym ball such as the one used for dodge ball, and they are covered in heart shaped bumps or nubs to increase the heat resistant factor. I put the gloves on and used them to retrieve a cast iron pan of hot cornbread which had been in the oven for 30 minutes at 450, and I didn't even feel warmth through the gloves. I was so nervous that they wouldn't work effectively and I would get burned, but the honest truth is my hands didn't feel any heat.

Other than hot oil itself, there isn't much in a kitchen or grill that gets hotter than a blistering hot cast iron pan, so I give these gloves a 5 thumbs up!!

Here's some more important things that are also pretty darned awesome about these gloves:

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees
Dishwasher safe
Easy to clean
Large enough to fit my husband's huge man-hands which are really huge
Waterproof so if you decide to go swimming in lava your hands will come out just as soft and supple as they entered!
Non-slip so if you aren't using on your hot pots and pans, you can put on your feet for traction on a freshly mopped kitchen floor!
Money Back Guarantee means I am out nothing if I buy and don't like, but hands off my gloves, they are awesome!

The only thing I would change is I would add in some super awesome colors and designs. I NEED these in baby pink, purple, and a pair with a cool skull design on them! I fully believe in accessorizing my grilling experience, so bring on more colors!

***********Disclaimer: I received product in exchange for review. All opinions stated here are 100% honest and exclusively my opinion!*******