Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Coffee

I absolutely love this time of year!  It is warm, sunny and beautiful during the day and at night it is nice and cool enough to need a quilt to sleep with.  I snuggle down in the bed with two of my favorite men at night and it is just great cuddling weather.  Thankfully my 2 year old son still feels the need to stay in the bed with mama and cuddle because neither my husband or other 3 kids are much into cuddles!

 Nothing is better when it is cold outside then waking up to a hot pot of coffee.  This morning I chose to go simple, just some splenda and skim milk rather than my favorite creamer, and I am in quiet heaven.  The kids are on the school bus en route to school, my 2 year old has completed his two pancakes and piece of sausage (thanks Jimmy Dean for your Happy, but not so healthy breakfast!) and is now watching Spongebob, and my DH is still snoozing away in the bedroom letting his weary body rest after working 36 hours this weekend.

I have to run into town later on to do some errands and I think this weather calls for a trip to the coffee shop.  While we aren't large enough to tout a Starbucks or really any other chain coffee store, we do have a small specialty store in town.  I am excited just pondering whether I will have a nice frothy cappuccino or if I will have a latte.  Choices choices........


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  1. I live in the land of coffee, the fab Pac NW. Although I no longer drink caffeine (5 years now...sob) I still enjoy my specialty decafs. Hope you went for the latte, with some whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top. Hmm, I think I must find an errand that allows me to stop by the coffee shop now....
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