Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have a question.  I am following quite a few blogs, recently trying to add followers to my blog, but that isn't the subject, just a side item.  Some of the blogs that I follow via GFC, Networked blogs, email, etc (usually follow via all) won't allow me to comment.  It says this email address, the one I opened this page with and the one I followed them with isn't allowed to view the page and that I need to change accounts.  IS this because something I am doing wrong, or are these blogs that don't follow me back, etc.  HOW do I get past this?


  1. Sorry, I can't help with this. But, I'm following back via GFC. Thanks for visiting and following!

  2. THanks for joining me at Create With Joy! Blogger is having a LOT of issues lately and I believe this is one of them because I am also getting this message on a lot of the blogs that I try to comment on (I don't believe it has anything to do with whether or not you follow a blog or whether they follow you back - I think it is just one of many Blogger Glitches). Speaking of which - the GFC Follower widget is currently in hiding on your blog (another frequent glitch) so I'll catch up there on my next visit! :-)



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