Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shiver me Timbers!

A cold front came through here as of Thursday night and it is just Glorious here!  It is that nice need a jacket on but not the heater on kind of weather!  This is by far my favorite time of year.  The leaves are turning, the weather is cold at night so we leave all the windows open at night listening to the calves up the road talking with their mamas, nice and warm near 80-85 during the day, and nice soup weather at night time.

I am super excited about supper tonight which I can honestly say is a rare occasion.  I am am excellent baker, pie crusts, breads, biscuits, pretzels, pizza dough, cakes, etc, but when it comes to cooking, I missed the train.  Seriously, no matter how closely I follow the recipe, my kids groan, my husband visually struggles through the meal although he does make efforts to hid it, and I blatantly say how gross it is and at times cry over the results.

Not tonight.  Tonight, the man of my dreams is cooking.  This man showed me a love I didn't know existed when I met him four years ago, and I can't imagine life without him.  He is cooking homemade chicken and dumplings!!!!  The best part, you ask?  He isn't from the South, so his dumplings aren't flat pastry, a pie like dough they call dumplings.  No siree, bob, his dumplings are good 'ole homemade whipping cream biscuits dropped into a wonderful concoction of stewed chicken with loads of yellow gravy. 

Yes, I realize there isn't much healthy about supper tonight, but on the first cold night of the season, I can think of little else I would prefer more.  Well, maybe homemade chili served over a baked potato or noodles, but hey, a girl can't ask for much more than homemade biscuits.  I won't even have to fight the children to eat this meal either.  Whether fortunate or unfortunate (depending on my pocketbook at any given time) my children have grown adult tastes and when asked to choose the meal, they will yell "ribs, crab legs, steak, and hot wing soup" simultaneously.  Now, if I can just talk him into lighting my wood stove, and maybe a snuggle or two, life will be magically perfect!


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  2. I'm absolutely loving the weather too! No ac or heat needed, just some extra layers.

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  4. How nice your man is cooking that special meal! Hope you're having an enjoyable night....

  5. I love when it starts getting chilly in the evening. Definite comfort food weather. Hope you enjoyed your dumplings! Thanks for coming by my blog, following you now via GFC!
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  7. Mmmm...fall weather, how I miss it! I grew up in MD and moved to FL 3 years ago. While I love the year-round climate here, I sometimes miss those crisp fall mornings and evenings, along with the yummy fall food that goes with them! Following you back from The Sundae Hop!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog from the hop and following, I am following back...Don't you just love it when it cold at night...I sleep so much better!!! It really has cooled down here in VT too! I love fall!


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