Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sony Bloggie Touch

As many of you know, I am a SAHM and one of my hobbies is sweepstakes.  I actually do this in order to supplement Christmas since I do have four darlings to buy for.  Earlier in the year I won the Garnier Fructise sweepstakes and received a Sony Bloggie Touch Camera and a full sized bottle of Garnier Shampoo.  The shampoo has long since been used up, but the camera is a gift that keeps on giving.  I actually couldn't have received it at a better time because my other camera literally had just bit the dust when I received my current camera.

I absolutely love this camera.  It is the size of an Ipod Touch or an Iphone so it is a great size to carry everywhere and slides right inside my pocket.  Also, while it came with a cord to hook up to the computer, you don't really need it since it came with a built in usb and the camera itself hooks directly into the computer.   It has a full 1080p video by MP4 and has the capability to hold 2 hours of video footage.  Also, because it has 12.8MP the pictures are Crystal Clear.  It has a touch LCD screen which can be held either vertical or horizontal, can zoom up to 4x, and has face detection showing a little green box over each face in the picture to prevent blur.  I personally love this feature.  I was taking a pic the other day of all five of my family and sure enough, it zoned in on each face so I was certain I wasn't cutting out someones head, and my picture wasn't going to be off center.  Lastly, it has a built in rechargeable battery which is charged by hooking it straight up to the computer, or by using the power plug in the wall.

Now, how does all this translate into real life?  I absolutely love this camera!!! In all honesty, it is the most versatile, practical camera I have owned , yet produces high quality pictures.  As long as the lighting is decent, the pictures are always crystal clear, no blur, no red eye, has a large viewing screen so I can immediately determine if the picture is a quality I want to keep or put in the trash can, and it is so simple, my children can use it.  It only has one draw back that I have been able to find.  It doesn't have a built in flash.  This means that once dusk sets in, picture taking is just about over because nothing shows up.  But hey, I have a flash camera I can use at those times.  Overall, I will take a camera that hides nicely in my pocket, takes high quality, crystal clear pictures, and best of all, it was free. 

Given my experience with this camera, I would definitely recommend it to others and I would personally purchase it myself if I lost it or had never won it!

Disclaimer:  This is my own opinion, and I didn't receive any sort of monetary compensation for this review.  I won this camera from a company not affiliated with Sony.  I was under no obligation to blog about it, or give a positive review.


  1. Whoa .. wish I had a camera like that ;) Nice blog ... thanks for visiting ... new follower on GFC.

  2. I would LOVE to get into sweepstakes, but I'm always afraid they're junk. LOL. And since the new show about it, I've been even more curious...
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