Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday's Musings

Why I love being a mom!

Being a mom is exhausting.  It has literally been over 13 years since I slept through the night without waking.  Literally.  My oldest made me sick as a dog for the whole nine months I was preggers and came out ripping and tearing.  At 12, I am not sure HE sleeps through the night, but that is not the issue.  I now have three other kids, last one being 2 and he comes to cuddle about 1 am every night so we change a diaper, do lovey cuddles and try to go back to sleep.  There are many times as a SAHM that I am tempted to get a job, because quite honestly it is less work than being at home.  However, I resist the urge, because I love being with my kids as well.

This morning was exceptionally trying on me, I got DH ready for work and out the door at 4:30, was in a lot of pain with my back and stomach and managed to trip in the laundry room and do a face plant on the floor which didn't help the back issue.  All of this before 5 am.  My oldest daughter Suzannah, who is 8 forgot to give me her homework on Friday, and I was tempted to lecture her, but refrained as I looked over her work.  What I found made me cry and reminded me anew why I love being a mom.  I was unable to get my scanner to work-we have a love hate relationship and it hates me- so I will retype it, misspells and all. 

"My mom is kind.  She gives me food.  She loves me.  She gave me life.  We like to watch TV together, cook together, clean together, write together, eat together, work in the garden together.  She has long curly hair.  She has brown hair.  She has angel kisses.  When we garden we pull weeds, plant thinks like corn, cucumbers, flowers, zucini, squash, sugar snap peas, beans, peppers, eggplants, water melen, and cantolope."  And then she drew a stick figure with hair that is supposed to be me.  THIS is why I love being a mom and quite honestly, I can't think of a better thing to be!

Bath and Body Works

The other day my husband comes home and surprises me with a small travel size bottle of perfume from Bath and Body works which really surprised and pleased me.  It isn't that he doesn't do things for me, but with four kids, he usually comes home with something like shoes, clothes, school supplies, etc for one of the kids because that is on the priority list.  I am scent sensitive and many scents prompt a migraine, so I am not able to wear many scents.  However, this one surprisingly doesn't cause me issues and I really like the aroma.

I am a huge fan of B&BW's Japanese Cherry Blossom, but I have a new favorite from their aromatherapy line called Eucalyptus Spearmint.  It has a nice scent to it that is both floral and woodsy.  It is really hard to describe, but it is so soothing.  I love spraying the mist on my pillow at night time and of course all over me.  Last night, I did both of these things, sat down on the bed to watch CSI on TIVO with my DH and literally don't remember falling asleep.  There was no drifting off, no trying hard to stay awake, there was me watching the final confession and my DH tapping me asking me what happened, I was out cold! 

All in all, this scent is a hit for me!   I fully plan to go the next time I am at the mall, which may be a while and buy the lotion and a large bottle of the spray mist.  I will gladly any day endorse Bath and Body Works although I am in no way affiliated with them, nor did I receive any compensation to review their perfume!


  1. Following you back! Love the homework from your daughter!

  2. Awww! What a sweet find. Since I'm around my kids all the time, too, I'm not sure they'd write anything that sweet about me. I'm with you on the "working outside of the home" being less work! But, moments like those certainly make it worth it. Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax hop! Have a great week!

  3. I used to work in Bath and Body Works and I found that the smells didn't make me feel ill even when in huge quantities as they were in the stock room! Glad they were good for you.

  4. Love bed/bath. Txs for following. Following you back:)

  5. I love what your daughter wrote! I'm your newest follower. Deb @


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