Saturday, October 29, 2011

So very busy Saturday

I must apologize for ignoring all of my lovely friends today!  I have indeed missed you, but alas, I have been so busy.  The day began with a trip to Wally World for the essentials, milk, bread, TP, pull ups, waffle-maker (hey, some people consider kitchen appliances daily essentials ;P).

We had only spent about 2 hours in Wally World when my DH decided he would spend my Recipe win money on a much needed cause:  Golden Coral-the fanciest only store in town.  I might mention, that while GC is a great place, I am not a fan of buffets since I am a self proclaimed germaphobe.  It has nothing to do with the restaurant, food, or even cleanliness of the place, because all of those are good, it is the people touching the food as hey dish it up themselves.  Any who, the Chocolate fountain of goodness and cotton candy totally made up for all my phobias, so we survived.

Several hours later, when we finally arrived home, I discovered  that there was a great event of Trunk or Treat at the local Discount Furniture Store in town that was boasting 50+ cars giving away candy, so we decided we must go.  No problem, my 2 year old is a pirate, so he only needed a little makeup in addition to his costume.  My 8 year old is a Goth girl, and I can do some great divalicious Goth lips and eyes, although I rarely wear a lot of makeup.  In comes my 7 year old with her Avatar costume.  Micro braids.  I know how to braid, but I am not the best at doing hair. 

I literally sat for 3 hours doing micro braids on her head.  We would have never made it tonight if it weren't for my husband.  He is AMAZING.  He sat for 2 hours and did Avatar makeup.  The photos don't show all the detail, including the stripes, sparkle, and all the hard work he put in, but she looked amazing in person. Everyone complimented her.  And I couldn't be more proud of my uber manly, camo wearing, deer hunting, steel toed boot wearing man.  He spent 2 hours doing makeup to make a 7 year old girl happy.  I am sure he would have rather been watching football or playing PS3, but none of that matters when his children are concerned! 

I promised to start a giveaway today, but it seems that tomorrow or maybe even Monday are going to have to be the day because I have  some work to do before I can type it up.  Please be patient!!   I promise that I am starting something great very soon!

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  1. Your children are so cute! Have a great day and we'll be waiting! LOL


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