Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday and a Summary

Looking back on this week, it hasn't been so darned bad!  I had a lucky streak and won 8 sweepstakes, which is just awesome.  The three sick kids are finally getting over their illnesses, although my fourth is now suffering from a sore throat and headache (round two anyone?)  I had a very relaxing day today, watching Extreme Couponing, teaching my 8 year old how to cook, chatting with my chickens-hey don't knock it, my girls give me more eggs when I spend time loving them, and basically just enjoying my children and pets while my DH worked 36 hours over the last three days. 

Oh, yeah, and the little one that is 2 years and 5 months seems to finally be getting the hang of the potty.  It is still  a little hit and miss, but he manages to tell me half the time now which is a huge hurdle for us.  Honestly, I was beginning to feel like a potty training failure.  My first and third were four when they were finally trained, my last just didn't seem to understand WHAT he was supposed to do while aiming at the Cheerios, and my 2nd child-the one who does everything she sets her mind to-told me at 14 months she wasn't having another accident and hasn't EVER. 

So, although I was rusty in the baby category by the time child four made a surprise appearance in my life, I have regained my confidence in my mommy skills!  I have to say that between all my past careers, bartender,  building computer motherboards, working at a bank, teaching music for six years, and being a business consultant for five years, that I am finally at peace and shockingly enough it is at home with my DH, children, dog, chickens, and garden.  Oh, yes, and that reminds me thanks to all the fall rain, unseasonably mild days, and putting a sheet over my eggplant and pepper plants at night, I just harvested 7 eggplant yesterday, have more on the vines and a TON of blossoms on the vine for both peppers and eggplants.  Go figure!

All in all, life is good.  Life is content.  Life is peaceful.  I am loved and give love.  Even with life's struggles, I may not have riches, but I know I am the richest girl in the world. 

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