Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sundays and all those great things!

We finally did it today.  We tried out a church.  For reasons that would be way too long to blog about, I don't church.  I am not anti spiritual, anti God or any such thing, I just don't church.  So, we were in Walmart this week and one of the local pastors got to talking with us and invited us.  My husband really liked him because he used to be a Sheriff in the county my husband is an officer in so we went. 

Sunday school was a bit iffy at best.  First of all, apparently everyone but us knew that the travelling missionary who was speaking today makes Kentucky mountain churches look open minded.  There were 13 people in Sunday school total.  My Husband and I plus kids make six out of 13.  The visiting guy gets up to teach, and starts gasping for breath between words before opening his red "for the blood" KJV only edition of The Word (I think my favorite part was when he mentioned the KJV is the inspired edition and the one we should believe).  I start keeping a mental tally and so far we have friendly church on the positives side and yahoo visiting preacher on the negative side.  Ten minutes into the sermon he mentions that God called HIM to the ministry, not his wife, because as the Bible teaches the ministry is for men only and "BEHIND every good man is a woman."  I counted that one double on my negative side because, well, it's stupid.  (please don't tell the children I uttered the S word!)

Strike three came when he mentioned the women not wearing pants because well, God intended for women to look like women and men to look like men. I look at my legs. Pants.  I lost count of the strikes.  Annnnnnnnnnnd as if all that isn't bad enough, he mentioned something about how if this church wanted 500 members like the churches up the road, they could sell out their beliefs, and have all their members burn in hell also specifically mentioning praise and worship music and drums being sinful.   I fully admit I had already chalked this church up as NOT for me by the time intermission had begun.  However, I went to the ladies room, asked God what I did to deserve this form of Hades this early on a Sunday morning and decided to go back with an open mind to listen to the pastor who is there every Sunday. 

I am glad I did.  First of all, there were suddenly 50 people in the congregation, which is a lot for out in the country where we live so I know the Preacher is liked.  He not only didn't take up an offering for the visiting preacher, he took one up for another missionary and announced the name of the other missionary the money is going to.  He didn't yell, didn't spit, didn't say anything judgemental whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, he mentioned things he had done prior to being a Pastor that he isn't proud of, is glad he was delivered from, and far be it from him to judge another.  Plus one.  All in all, I really enjoyed his sermon.  I liked that I could listen to it without getting a migraine from all the spitting and screaming, I liked that it had true depth to the message, and I liked that my kids even giggled at some things he said 45 minutes into speaking.  Hey, if he can hold the children's attention that long, he is GOOD.

So, the verdict is I will go back next week with the kids, even though  my husband works.  I liked his truthfulness enough to want to go back.  In my pants of course, because I am not a dress wearer, but back indeed we shall go. 

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