Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bulking up my Stockpile with Oster Food Dehydrator!

Oster Food Dehydrator

About a month ago, my DH and I decided we are going to add a food dehydrator to our eclectic mix of Kitchen appliances so of course we headed to the one store in town that would have such a fancy gadget.  That's right, we went to Walmart.  It turns out that all the time we spent researching units online was for nought, because the only brand they have at our Walmart is the Oster food dehydrator, so we bought the Oster.

After one use, I am in love.  It is easy to use, doesn't have any complicated settings or buttons, is big enough to do quite a bit of food at a time, and once it is set up, it doesn't require anything further until it is done.  It has a simple on and off button that dries everything at the same temperature and four individual trays.  The ONLY downside I see of this dehydrator is that it is a little on the loud side, but my personal experience is my oscillating fan is louder, so that really isn't an issue at all for me. 

I about a week later to the Market and purchased some great bananas, Pineapple, carrots and Peaches.  I gathered a bowl of cold water, lemon juice, a compost bowl, a knife, my son and the dehydrator.

I thinly sliced the bananas on a diagonal and pre treated them in lemon water to help prevent oxidation.  I halved the peaches, left the skin on, and thinly sliced them, also pre-treating them in the water.  The carrots I simply peeled and  sliced thinly, and I arranged all on the dehydrator trays.

The manual said to let them dry for 12 hours, so I turned on the machine and set my oven timer for 9 hours later.  I found when I checked on them in 9 hours that the bananas and carrots were completely done but the peaches needed the full 12 hours due to moisture content.  They came out of the dehydrator right as 3 older siblings were getting off the bus so I completely lost out on getting pictures of the final product of the bananas and peaches.

 They were just gobbled down.  They liked the carrots, but I was able to get a picture of them before they eat them up completely.    All in all the dehydrator is a huge success & for costing right around $50, it is a super value!  I would definitely recommend it to anyone I know!  Stay tuned in the near future for my episode on homemade beef jerky!

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  1. Oh how fun! I have looked into dehydrators before and don't know if it's worth it for us. I'm terrified of purchasing a big clunky kitchen appliance that I'll use once or twice and then use to collect dust bunnies. :-/

    I'd love to hear about the jerky! I always love dehydrated apple chips, too, and I've heard that making your own fruit leather is a pretty simple and yummy experience, too.

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