Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Today, I am going to share one of my best kept vodka secrets.  Of course I love good vodka like Grey Goose or Kettle One, but I have a back pocket vodka that I think is just awesome!  Luksusowa Potato Vodka is a polish vodka that is truly different from many other vodkas because it is made distilled from potatoes.   Most domestic vodkas are made from corn while imports are typically made from rye, but the potato is what makes Luksusowa stand out in the crowd! 

Luksusowa has a smoother texture and richer flavor than your typical vodka and it actually takes 10 times more potatoes to make this vodka than it would corn or rye.  They use only the best of the best potatoes that are grown on the Baltic coast region of North Poland.  It is combined with only pure water from artisian wells which is bacteria and mineral free to ensure the vodka doesn't crystallize because of the high proof of alcohol.

One of my good friends introduced me to this vodka about 7 years ago and I was immediately hooked!  Anytime I am wanting to treat myself and my guests to an extra special drink, this is what I buy.   And now *drum roll* I will share my favorite vodka cocktail, and usually the only one I drink since I am not really a "shot" kinda gal.

Cranberry Orange Stinger

3oz Cranberry Juice (I prefer to use the 100% juice, not the cocktail because it is so good for you)

3 oz pulp free Orange Juice (Bring on the Donald Duck!)

2 Oz Luksusowa

Put three ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake and strain.  Enjoy.  Some people like it over ice, but I have very sensitive teeth, so ice hurts!



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