Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blogger Glitch I was unaware of-GFC subscriptions

Last week I became aware of an issue with Blogger I have NEVER encountered before, and thought I would share with you guys since you may be unaware as well (or not, I may be living in my cave in the woods!)  I have a lot of blogs I follow and I regularly enter the giveaways if it is something that applies here in my home.  Hey, what can I say, I like the things you guys list, I support you, hope you support me back, etc.

So, When it asks if I am a GFC follower OF COURSE I AM- I followed months ago.  Besides, some of you guys I have actually won from, so I couldn't have won previously if I am not a follower right? (In most cases at least it is a requirement).  Here's the snag.  Blogger is unsubscribing me from my friends.  I don't know why, I am sure it is simply a glitch.  However, I was emailed the other day from someone I have previously won from and told I hadn't completed the mandatory public follow entry. GASP, I don't cheat!  Say anything negative you want to about Ally, two things are true regardless of what people say:  I never lie, and I never cheat.  I may speak the truth in love or simply speak the truth, but lie, I do not.

So, now I am aware to triple check with every single blog on every single giveaway.  What I have noticed.  At least 20 blogs that I would bet my life on that I have joined (again, won from at least half of them in the past year) I was no longer a member.

The moral of the story?  Check your memberships!  You may be shocked to find you aren't a follower when you have previously joined.  And honestly, shame on me for not doing it before, because it takes mere seconds to do it! 

I hope this is helpful to you guys, for it has been truly eye-opening for me!


  1. Good to know! I'm off to check I'm still GFC with you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. Recently I found out that sometimes you click the 'FOLLOW' button on the top of a Blog yet to show up as a Follower you also have to click 'JOIN THIS SITE.' Take care and have a good week.


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