Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A few of my favorite things plus one more


I discovered yesterday while riding in the car with Max, my almost 13 year old that I am old.  Honestly , I have never even thought of myself as old before, but I guess there is truly a season for everything!  We were jamming to some great tunes when Will Smith's Welcome to Miami came on.  In true old school form, I cranked the music up good and loud and started singing at the top of my lungs.  The conversation that followed went like this:

Max- Mom, Who IS that??
Me-Will Smith
Max-Will WHO?
Me-You don't know Will Smith????
Max-Never heard of him
Me-YES you have, you know, The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire
Max-Huh?  What is that
Me-You know that girl that sings the annoying song I flip my hair back and forth?
Max-yeah NO one likes that song
Me-Her Dad
Max-Man, he must be old

So, I came home and got out my Strivectin and added an extra slather or three to lick my wounds!


I thought since Oprah is off the air and we are all saddened that we can't live vicariously through others as we watch them win THOUSANDS of dollars worth of goodies from Oprah that I would share a few of my favorite things for Wordless Wednesday.  Disclaimer-they are inexpensive and you will have to buy your own :)

So my thighs don't feel left out at Christmas time!

Nothing says comfort like a nice cup of cocoa with melting mellows on it!

Ensures a Truly Merry Christmas even when the Family arrives

This is my plan b for when the Family arrives!  Okay so it is plan A.  I just open it AFTER the other is all gone

Pretty sure I won't mind telling Santa what I want for Christmas this year!

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