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laabn. Social Haircare

laabn. Social Haircare

Over the past several years, my hair has undergone a complete change.  I used to have slightly wavy hair, but it was easily dried straight with a hair dryer.  After I had my first two kids, it became curlier, but all I needed was to add a flat iron to my hair and viola!  straight hair.  Then I had my last bundle of joy 2.5 years ago, and my hair has not been the same since.  It is curly.  Cork-screw, can barely get a wide-toothed comb through it curly.  And,  to be honest, there wasn't an immediate love affair with my new hair.  Actually, I hate it.  I can blow dry it while pulling it straight with a brush for it to dry into slightly frizzy cork screw curls, and using a flat iron produces wavy curls.  I have just had to accept the fact that my straight days are over.

Because of this hair transition, I have been on a quest for the right products to keep my curls from frizzing into a full blown fro on any given day.  So I was really thrilled when I was blessed to win some laabn. hair care products and I am ready to share with you how they work for me.

First of all, they smell amazing.  I don't know how exactly to describe it other than when I wash my hair, it's smells like I am in the salon. It has a nice perfume smell, a hint of coconut, and reminds me of the beach.   Even better, I received the 3 shampoo which is sulfate-free, and designed to treat thick, course, color treated hair.  Funny thing is I don't recall them asking what kind of hair I have, but it is THICK, coarse, and at almost 36 I proudly admit it is color treated!

The conditioner is also sulfate-free, it is super thick which I love, and it does an awesome job moisturizing my hair.  The directions say to leave it on for 2 minutes, but at least 2 times a week I leave it on like a deep conditioner while I soak in the tub.  My hair just gets so tangled up that I try to condition it as well as possible.  The bottom line on this conditioner is that it really works for my hair and I am not in tears trying to comb out my curls.
The company itself stands for some really great things!  Adam Martin created laabn. hair care after being inspired by a local teen center and "Oprah's Big Give."  Basically he has combined business model with charitable giving.  The bottles themselves are named for the exact dollar amount that will be given to charity.  I have "3" so three dollars of my purchase goes to charity.  Even better, there are multiple charities on the website and YOU get to choose which charity gets your donation!

Where can you find them?  You can find laabn. Social Hair Care on Facebook and the products can be easily purchased directly on the website here.  The cost of the8 oz bottle I have is $23, which is pricey if you are accustomed to buying a drugstore brand.  However,  keeping in mind that $3 of this goes to charity, it is still reasonable for a salon brand.  I am sold on this company because of it's charitable work, but the products work really great too! 

Update 8/1/2012:  I am still in love with and using my Laabn products!  I have now added their oil and heat styling spray to my regimen, and I am loving how awesome my hair looks. I have tried other products that I like a lot, but none that smell as great as Laabn while effecting the same results!


  1. I like that it is sulfate free, I'm going to have to try this.

  2. Thanks for the review. Message us your hair concerns and we will send you out the products that would be best. Thanks again and as always have a great hair day.

  3. We have your product ready to ship out. Please email Adam or Chari at with your shipping info and we will get that out today. When you receive them we would love see pictures of your hair and how the products are working for you.


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