Saturday, September 24, 2011

Little Miss Creations!!

Little Miss Creations

This past week I came across a wonderful website named Little Miss Creations by Perzhunahti.  I was immediately drawn to the whimsical soaps and candles I saw on this site so I contacted the Owner Holly Benton and became even more impressed.  Holly served a five year stint in the Marine Corp, and now is a single mother of two beautiful children while going to school full time.  As a family hobby she started toying with the soaps and candles which has lead to owning an Etsy site and earning money for her products. 

In talking with Holly, I discovered she creates small quantities of her items at a time, so it is always a treat to visit her site because you never know what new item you might find!  Some of my favorite items are her gel candles, pillar candles, and she even offers some lotions!

Holly has informed me that she does small batches of her soaps, and even has this awesome Halloween Soap right in time for the Holidays!.  In addition to the soap, she is offering a 20% discount for any of my readers who purchase from her Etsy store who mention my name Allyson Bossie or my website, .

Disclaimer:  This is a Review only.  I did not receive a product to try or any monetary compensation whatsoever for this post!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Frugal Friday!

I totally scored big time yesterday!  Of all places it was at the good old Dollar General which happens to be the only chain store within 20 minutes of my house.  I dropped the ketchup which blew up all over my kitchen so I had to run out really quick to get another bottle.  However, my quick trip turned into an hour long shopping spree!
As I walk into the door there are 2 huge tables full of Summer items, everything from towels, washcloths, kids water toys, chalk, snuggies, clothing, etc.  Why was I so excited you ask?  Well, the tables were already marked down 50% off and now they were another 50% off.  I can do some serious damage with 75% off!  I nabbed a package containing 3 fly swatters for a quarter, a pack of four dish cloths for $.50, a ball and bat for $.75 and a bunch of coloring books for $.50.  The coloring books are awesome because they are superheros, Jonas Brothers, and a couple of Cartoon Network cartoons, not some cheesy cheap coloring book.  I nabbed a Monster truck shirt and a Spider man shirt for my 2 year old for $5 for both, and the list goes on.  I got a lot of stocking stuffer type toys for $.25 each and ended up spending only $26 but coming out with six stuffed bags of loot.

I began years ago with this habit, but anytime I find things this inexpensive, I go ahead and load up on anything I may will need in the future or toys.  Christmas can get so expensive if we let it sneak up on us, but when we purchase all year long, it isn't as painful as it could potentially be.  Now that I have four children I am always looking out for steals and deals.   So the moral of the story is go ahead, you know you want to, head down to the DG and see what loot you can snag!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Last week I was in the store browsing on one of the colder days we had and I was in the mood for a really decadent cup of coffee.  I readily admit, the round coupon hanging on one particular brand of creamer is what caught my eye first.  I mean, who can pass up a dollar off right?  However, upon further investigation of the product, I knew this was the creamer I was going to try this week.

There were only three flavors available in this particular store, Vanilla, Caramel, and Sweet Cream.  The Sweet Cream really caught my eye because the only ingredients are non-fat milk, sugar and heavy cream.  NO Chemicals, no preservatives, nothing I can't pronounce, nothing else.  Just ingredients we can find either in nature or from the cows up the road.  I simply had to try it.

As soon as I walked through the door, I started a pot of coffee, my normal Folgers.  I do on occasion buy great coffee grounds for home, but my every day coffee is Folgers.  I listened intently for the beep which alerts me to when the pot is finished and greedily excitedly poured my first cup adding in the cream.  I knew immediately it was going to be good because the color started changing to a wonderful caramel color when the cream hit the coffee!!!!  I took my first swallow and I was hooked.  It is seriously OMG good.  It has a nice thickness that makes it a "comfort food item" but not super thick so that it lingers.  The best part is that it is perfectly sweet.  Not too much, not too little, and no other flavors to contend with! 

This is an overall OK product to use as well health wise, because it only has 35 calories per TBS, 1.5 grams of fat, 5 grams of sugar and five grams of carbohydrate.  So, while it isn't sugar free, it isn't loaded down with tons of sugar like commercial flavored coffee creamers tend to be!  It is so okay for you that I felt perfectly okay letting my 12 year old son have a small cup of coffee with the creamer in it.  Of course I regretted this the next morning when I awoke to an almost empty container.  Seems that he found it so good, he snuck more than one cup!  Although I wasn't happy about sharing, I remembered my mama telling me it is the right thing to do, so I used this as an excuse an opportunity to run out and buy more!

DISCLAIMER:  I wasn't compensated either with money or with product for doing this review.  I received the same store coupon other shoppers received and I simply liked the product and thought I would share it with my readers. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sony Bloggie Touch

As many of you know, I am a SAHM and one of my hobbies is sweepstakes.  I actually do this in order to supplement Christmas since I do have four darlings to buy for.  Earlier in the year I won the Garnier Fructise sweepstakes and received a Sony Bloggie Touch Camera and a full sized bottle of Garnier Shampoo.  The shampoo has long since been used up, but the camera is a gift that keeps on giving.  I actually couldn't have received it at a better time because my other camera literally had just bit the dust when I received my current camera.

I absolutely love this camera.  It is the size of an Ipod Touch or an Iphone so it is a great size to carry everywhere and slides right inside my pocket.  Also, while it came with a cord to hook up to the computer, you don't really need it since it came with a built in usb and the camera itself hooks directly into the computer.   It has a full 1080p video by MP4 and has the capability to hold 2 hours of video footage.  Also, because it has 12.8MP the pictures are Crystal Clear.  It has a touch LCD screen which can be held either vertical or horizontal, can zoom up to 4x, and has face detection showing a little green box over each face in the picture to prevent blur.  I personally love this feature.  I was taking a pic the other day of all five of my family and sure enough, it zoned in on each face so I was certain I wasn't cutting out someones head, and my picture wasn't going to be off center.  Lastly, it has a built in rechargeable battery which is charged by hooking it straight up to the computer, or by using the power plug in the wall.

Now, how does all this translate into real life?  I absolutely love this camera!!! In all honesty, it is the most versatile, practical camera I have owned , yet produces high quality pictures.  As long as the lighting is decent, the pictures are always crystal clear, no blur, no red eye, has a large viewing screen so I can immediately determine if the picture is a quality I want to keep or put in the trash can, and it is so simple, my children can use it.  It only has one draw back that I have been able to find.  It doesn't have a built in flash.  This means that once dusk sets in, picture taking is just about over because nothing shows up.  But hey, I have a flash camera I can use at those times.  Overall, I will take a camera that hides nicely in my pocket, takes high quality, crystal clear pictures, and best of all, it was free. 

Given my experience with this camera, I would definitely recommend it to others and I would personally purchase it myself if I lost it or had never won it!

Disclaimer:  This is my own opinion, and I didn't receive any sort of monetary compensation for this review.  I won this camera from a company not affiliated with Sony.  I was under no obligation to blog about it, or give a positive review.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Moaning Monday!

Normally I am chirpy every day of the week.  I have moments of the day such as morning that it takes me a while to get my engine revving,  but for the most part,  I love life.  Yesterday and today I have not felt well at all.  Yesterday, I slept for four hours during the day which is an almost never occurrence for me.  Literally this might happen once a year, so I should have seen illness heading my way.  I. didn't.

Today, I have had the absolute worst case of acid I have had since I was pregnant.  I can HEAR your thoughts, and ya'll can shush right now because I am NOT pregnant.  The Virgin Mary has greater chances of being preggers than I do.  I made sure of that after my last bundle of joy.  But man I have been not well all day.  My stomach has hurt, I have stabbing pain in my back, and I have tried everything from Prilosec, baking soda and water, Apple Cider Vinegar, and any thing else I can think of from my earth friendly parents growing up.  Wish I had some ginseng and I would make tea.  IDK if it would help, but my memories of sick growing up are of my dad boiling ginseng tea. 

I hope to have a more robust post tomorrow and maybe even a review of something I have tried lately, but today,  I am trudging through the mires of motherhood.  My kids are great.  They are playing, occupying their brother, helping me vacuum, all while I bake biscuits for tonight's supper.  Maybe I should have named the post Blessed beyond Monday!


Not sure I am in all seriousness.  I was a private school brat growing up from Kindergarten all the way until I matriculated from private college, I never attended a public school.  Not. one. single. day.  For whatever reason, although I do think it was to avoid extra liability, we didn't have football, we had Basketball at our school.  Add that to the fact that I am a Carolina girl thru and thru, you will understand that I totally dig basketball and am completely football illiterate.

My DH on the other hand is a died in the wool Kansas City Chiefs fan.  He bleeds corvette red and yellow which doesn't blend into orange lol.  Yesterday was the first official day of football and he had been ready for days! Two fantasy football line ups were prepared in addition to his Nascar fantasy line up, he was sitting in his jersey an hour prior to time daring anyone to bother him during the game. 

All of this festivity called for junk food, and ya'll know by now that my cooking lacks, well anything resembling edible food.  However, I am pretty darned good at junk food.  Stuffed mushrooms-mine rock, stuffed jalapenos-mine are a hot success, chicken wings-I have them down to a finger licking good science.  Yesterday, I wanted to try something new.  Although I am a  huge Texas Pete fan (for the flavor alone, not the heat) I used Frank's Red Hot because my husband grew up on it.  I decided to make the Hot chicken wing dip that is on Frank's Red Hot website, but of course I tweaked it doubling the cheese, sauce and ranch dressing because it was too chunky prior to the change for my preference. 

Picture before cooking:

Here is MY recipe:

2 large cans chicken (going forward I will used left over chicken b/c I don't like the canned taste)
2 blocks of cream cheese
2 cups of shredded mozzarella
1 cup of hot sauce
1 cup of ranch dressing.

Mix all ingredients together well, then stir in the chicken gently leaving big chunks of chicken.  Cook for 25 minutes on 350 and serve with either bread chunks or chips. 

Picture after baking-of course rocking out in my great vintage cookware (love love the gold leafing):

Overall, this was a huge success.  Kids LOVED it, asking for seconds and thirds on it and my husband requested the leftovers to wow his Officer friends with.  I think we will keep this one in my back pocket for future use.  However, I plan to tweak it again next time and make a creamy soup out of it!  Super yummo!