Friday, October 21, 2011

Saturday and an Award!



This is such an exciting award to win!  It spotlights newer, up and coming blogs that typically have less than 200 followers. 

I would like to thank If Only Life Could Be That Simple for passing this award along to me so please stop by and check out her blog when you get a chance!

Now, it is my turn to pass along this award to 5 great and upcoming blogs!

1.  Table for Seven

2.  Cooking With Two Boys On The Run

3.  The Ladies Lounge

4.  The Honest Dietitian

5.  I Stink At Couponing

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Fabulous Friday!

It's finally here.  Friday.  I can honestly say I am thrilled since this has been a L-O-N-G week.  Two of my three kids are feeling much better, one will likely end up back in the doctor's office, my fourth child now complains of sore throat, DH is sick, and I have felt better in my lifetime!

However, as sickness goes, this has been an "okay" sick spell.  I haven't had a ton of extra laundry to do-just the normal three loads a day, I am running all dishes through the dishwasher to sanitize, and  I am resting as much as possible with the kids.  After a day or two of being sick, I like to feel fabulous again, even though I don't physically feel it.  So, yesterday, I put on my makeup, fixed my hair, and dressed like I was going to town.  I did a great job of it because the baby was convinced we were going to the store.

I decided to show pictures of some of my realistic and dream things that make me feel fabulous.

 Who doesn't love a great pair of peep toe Christian Louboutin shoes ?

  I rarely ever go without makeup, even around the house, and I can say it always makes me feel better!

 Homemade hot cocoa with homemade marshmellows.  Need I say more?

Tatum Channing really needs no explanation.  Really, God should just mold all men in his likeness ;P

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rainy Days and Monday


So it isn't rainy, but it is blowing wild and crazy out like we are getting a great storm. Oh, yes, and its COLD. Goose pimples, teeth chattering cold. And. I. am. up. at. 3. am. My 2 year old comes and crawls in the bed with me at 2 am and my first blurry half asleep thought is omg something isn't right. He's hot. REALLY hot. My "I've been a mom for 12 years hands" tell me that it is at least 102 and I am rarely wrong. I mean I am not down to the decimal, but usually I am on the nose with eh, it's under a hundred or omg get the Tylenol and start the shower. So I grab the thermometer, put it under his arm, and viola! it's broken. Sometime since the last fever which was last winter my thermometer went on to thermometer heaven. Thus, I am relying on the mommy touch which is always close to right and started liquid Advil. The wonderful thing is I just used the last dose in the bottle. Apparently that hasn't been used since last winter either. Breathing, all is going to be okay, life is good so I make a pot of coffee and turn on Oobi.


It's peaceful, baby watching TV, me at the computer, but what is that I hear? Barking. The dog is sleeping. THAT is my 12 year old son who simply had the very first stages of a cold yesterday. He was sniffling, stuffy and had a headache. Now, he is wheezing, barking, crying (shh don't tell, he really is a big boy and too proud to cry 99% of the time) that his chest is burning. So now my peaceful morning is filled with nebulizer's, two fevers, and one who at the very least has bronchitis, but if history repeats itself a 12th year in a row it will be pneumonia. Ahhhhh the joys of having six Asthmatics in the home. One little cold and bam it's full blown bronchitis or pneumonia every time. I am pretty sure all my original plans for today-okay so relaxing after a weekend of non stop cleaning and being mom to four isn't really plans-have changed and I am headed to the Doctor at 7 when I get the girls on the school bus. We are welcoming father winter in with a bang! Now I know why I thawed all that chicken yesterday, seems that home made egg noodles and chicken noodle soup are on my agenda later on today. I am hoping for a Swift recovery for these tykes but at least they can curl up together and be miserable! Smelling the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee, so I think I will start there and wait for scene three while praying it isn't two more sick kidlets