Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's post-A really great "score"


Many of you know I am an amateur "extreme coupon er." I call myself amateur because I do sometimes snag free stuff, but more often than not my reality looks more like $500 of groceries for under $200 which is much better than retail for sure!

I go once a week to the recycle center because my husband is friends with the guys who run it and they allow me to grab a few extra coupon inserts which is a huge help.  For example last week I snagged 6 bottles of Dawn for a grand total of $.10 (the tax) because I had coupons that doubled.  I also bought 15 packs of taco seasoning for $.33 a piece and would have bought more at that price, but they didn't have more.  Ultimately I have what I call a "mini stockpile."  I do have four kids, so whenever I can snag it for free or next to nothing I buy and stock up so I am not caught paying retail when I really need something. 

This past week my husband lucked upon a fabulous score.  It was really a case of being in the right place at the right time.  He ran into the lady who own the local natural store where we purchase a lot of things and she has decided not to sell Tom's products anymore.  I am a little unsure as to why since I wasn't there, but she knows we use them and asked my husband if we would like to have them instead of her throwing them away.

Please note, these are not expired items, they are all in date until end of 2013.  He got 60 tubes of various flavors of tooth paste, 10 large bottles of mouth wash, and 40 bottles of deodorant.  I already use Tom's products because they are very good for you.  I can use the deodorant without worrying about pesky additives that have been linked to diseases, can feel good about my children using them, so nothing thrills me more than to get a stockpile full of them for free.  This is a true WOOHOO moment in our home for sure!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pooh Bear's Blustery Day on Thirsty Thursday

I just love this time of the year!  It is just perfect.  Not frigid, not hot, not warm:  just cold enough to need something warm to drink while sitting by my fire, but not so cold I can't go outdoors at all.  Simple Perfection!   Today, I awoke and my 75 degree weather is missing.  I can think of no better way to explain it than to mention Winnie the Pooh's Blustery Day!  It's windy, cold, and perfect fire weather. 

Another reason I love this time of year is that International Delight starts selling it's seasonal creamers which aren't available the rest of the year.   My two personal favorites are the White Chocolate Raspberry and the Peppermint Mocha.  The other day while at the store, I lucked out and found International Delight on sale for 3/$5 so with my doubled $.50 coupons, I was able to snag them for $.66 a bottle.  Now that was just like Jesus audibly saying "Ally, buy the creamer.  You know your thighs need it!"  FYI:  Jesus calls me Ally because that's just how we roll.  So, buy the creamer I did.  To the tune of five bottles.  I love how the guys at my recycle center often allow me to grab a few packs of coupons in exchange for well, my husband's award winning friendship so when I find a deal, I always have several coupons to match. 

So, now I sit here, enjoying my wonderful cup of steaming coffee, drenched (I see no point of using good creamer unless I use lots of it) in yummy minty chocolishiousness (I really should copyright that word it's so great) watching X factor.  Life is good.