Friday, December 9, 2011

Ranch Roasted Chicken? Thanks to S&S Brand

A few weeks ago I was blessed to receive a package in the mail from a company in San Francisco called S&S brand.   I received these little packets of seasoning and of course immediately started planning how I when and how I would use them!

Basically the company started when Chef Spencer O'Meara created his own special blends of spices to add his own special twist on BBQ and the result was so successful that he and his partner Sarah Burchard decided to offer the blends to everyone!

They currently offer 3 different BBQ sauces and 6 different spice blends:  St. Louis Style BBQ Sauce, Tennessee Style BBQ Sauce, Carolina Style BBQ Sauce, BBQ Spice Rub, 4 Peppercorn Rub, Fish Rub, Jerk Rub, and the two I received, Poultry Rub and Ranch Rub.

The website has a fabulous recipe for a Whole Roasted Chicken but I had a package of Chicken breasts in the house and decided to modify the recipe to fit the chicken I had on hand.  I did ask my Rooster Joe if he would like to volunteer to sit in for my lack of a whole chicken, but he didn't seem overly excited so I went with my original Chicken Breast idea.

  When I opened the package the first thought I had was how wonderful the seasoning smelled.  It had a wonderful aroma, but the sage wasn't overpowering as it has been in other poultry seasonings I have used in the past.  I like sage, but in all honesty since it can be so over powering, I was a bit skeptical when I put it on the chicken.

Well, S&S brand showed me!  The chicken smelled WONDERFUL while I was baking it.  My DH Matt kept asking me what I was cooking, probably because my cooking is usually accompanied by a wonderful "Cajun blackened" smell and the fire alarm oven timer beeping through much of the cooking process.   By the time the chicken was done cooking, even the four kids were chiming in with how good it smelled and whines of "I'm starving" and "Is it done yet" instead of the usual "what's THAT, mom."

I was very pleased with the outcome of the chicken.  It was a gorgeous golden brown, really juicy on the inside, and most importantly it was delicious.  So much so that Matt was requesting I get some for our Christmas Turkey and suggesting we try the BBQ sauces!

Here's the best part, even if you don't live in San Francisco, you too can enjoy these great spices!  They are readily available for purchase on the website, and I personally think the prices are reasonable for the quality of product you receive.  So head on over and get your seasonings in time to cook your Holiday dinner! They are also available on  Facebook  (a little birdie told me there might be a giveaway or so you can enter listed on the wall) as well as on  Twitter.  Let them know I sent you, and trust me, you will be glad you tried their spices!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun in the Winter on WW

Just a quick note before I post my pics.  I have been away with my sister house sitting on vacation.  We are having a blast enjoying oh so many things!  I will try to be up and posting the next couple of days, but I have some appointments once back in town that may keep me quite busy.  Don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway by Superfood Snacks.  These truffles are truly decadent and would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the one you love!  Get your entries in HERE.

 The Big Christmas Tree at Great Wolf Lodge

Grace and Mika telling Santa what they want for Christmas

Who said there isn't any fun for adults at Great Wolf Lodge? Actually it was a kid friendly night!

Mika LOVED this big Jeep at the restaurant.  He was still telling me about the car " up higher, my head, way big" last night as we laid in bed trying to sleep lol

Story time in the lobby at 9 o'clock with Rudolph!

Mika completely forgot about his ice cream at the Sweet shop when he saw this Bear.  He literally ended up laying his head on it and would have fallen asleep if he'd just closed his eyes!

I just love this picture!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let's Have a Parade

The Mayor of the closest town to us

"cool car" as Mika calls it

Yes, folks that IS the Pastor of the local church riding in on a John Deere!

Who you gonna Call?

Santa Baby, Leave a Sable under the tree for me......