Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As Strong as Popeye on Wordless Wednesday!

I have living proof kids WILL eat their vegetables.   Whether or not they will be as strong as Popeye after eating them I have no idea, but I can say I have the best eating kids in the world.

Mika and Gracie patting out their Pizza dough.  Ms. Gracie is a bit peeved that hers won't be perfectly round!

Nothing says Pizza more than Max's smile and of course Lego Star Wars!

Suzannah is my little Shutterfly.  It's almost impossible to get a picture of her because she is taking pictures!  She's really good at it though!

Spinach, homemade Sauce, a Two Year old on the table, and a Star Wars Lego, hey don't judge me!

Everyone in action!  Suzannah taking pics, Max is such my child-Johnny on it when the camera is on him, serious when it isn't :) and poor Gracie still pouting over that non round pizza!

Spinach anyone?  Believe it or not, I cooked it with all that on there, and HE ATE IT!

 This pouty face is because Mika was just convinced someone had stolen all his mushrooms off his pizza.  Truth is he ate them before he could put them on, and there were no more left to replace them!


  1. have the proof..
    my kids help me so much in the kitchen...cutting, chopping, dicing...they are ALL good veggie eaters too!


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