Monday, February 13, 2012

Magic Cabin Review

Magic Cabin 

A while back I won a gift certificate to a store named Magic Cabin which sells green and eco friendly toys for kids.  As a mother of four, of course  was thrilled.  There are always many very willing hands waiting for a new toy to play with here, that's for sure!  The best part of this company is that they believe in creative, imaginative play where children use their minds and great toys to fuel this imagination.

I spent a lot of time searching the booklet they sent and finally settled on the Melody Xylophone.  First of all, the CS Rep I spoke with was so very friendly.  She graciously answered my questions, and took her time assisting me.  The turnover time was great.  I got my purchase in under a week.

The toy itself is awesome.  It is wooden, very sturdy, has a spot on the bottom of the Xylophone to put the stick, and came with three cards of music.  My "demolition" Mika (he's 2) has played with it for a month now and the Xylophone seems like he can't tear it up.  The cards did come into a little bit of trouble when he ripped one while playing with it, but a little tape and it was as good as new.

I guiltily admit that my children have always enjoyed the toys you see on the commercials on tv, and I honestly wouldn't have thought that simpler wooden toys would amuse them so much, but they do.  When given a choice of his robot, abc apple, or his Xylophone, he will choose the Xylophone every single time.  I do think the prices are a bit high, but considering how sturdy and long-lasting the toys are, and how quickly most toys I buy them break, I think it evens out.

Now, Magic Cabin toys are easy to find online. at Facebook, and on Twitter.  Check them out and decide for yourself.  I firmly believe you will be impressed with what you see

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  1. One of my sons had a Xylophone when he was young and he spent hours playing with it.


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