Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Mud Pie Memories!

Monday's Mud Pie Memories!

This weekend I put all four of my children and my niece outside to play so that my poor husband who works 3rd shift could get a few minutes of much deserved sleep.  I called them in for lunch and was just shocked to find five filthy dirty children with mud literally up to their elbows.  I was lecturing them all the way to the sink to wash their hands on how they know I don't allow them to drag mud in the house.  Although, I am pretty sure all they heard was Charlie Brown's Teacher saying "wah wah, wah wah, wah wah wah wah."

My lectures turned into guilt and fond memories when I saw this. They made this special cake for Mommy and Auntie (my sister).  I remember many a day spent outside with miscellaneous old bowls, lots of mud and beautiful weeds flowers to adorn my lovely creations.  The girls were so proud of this cake and spent all day trying to keep the chickens from pecking at it so they could show Auntie when she got back from work.

I guess my lesson learned remembered is that "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt."  So what if my bathroom looked like they tried to wash the whole mud pie down the drain.  A little scrubbing and it was back to perfect, and all the fun was well worth the dirt in the mean time.  So today, I had them all bundled up  at 8 am and outdoors to play in the melting snow and mud. Wonder what other creations I shall find tomorrow?

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  1. Kids sure love to play in the mud and it doesn't cost us a penny!


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