Monday, February 27, 2012

National Strawberry Day and Emmi Swiss Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Emmi of Switzerland

Today is a fun day at my house!  For those of you who don't know, today is National Strawberry Day, and since it is one of our favorite fruits here at My Wild Crazy Life residence, we are celebrating!  We look forward every year for Strawberry Harvest time.  We pack the children in the car, drive less than a mile up the road to our friends who own an Organic Strawberry farm and we pick strawberries until our fingers are red, and little tongues are even more red!  We then preserve and freeze the strawberries so we can enjoy them the rest of the year.  I am thrilled to share with you a company I recently discovered which has some great ideas for National Strawberry Day.

From the website, "Emmi Roth USA, a subsidiary of Emmi Group, is a leading provider of specialty and artisan cheeses and premium fresh dairy products"  They offer everything from Caffe Latte and Swiss Premium Yogurt to Cheeses from Switzerland, Europe and the US.  I love that each of their products are made from the freshest local milk, so you won't be consuming products that were made with milk that was transported in big vats sprayed to keep it from spoiling. Additionally they offer Artisan cheeses such as Kev cheese brands: Kaltbach cave-aged, Grand Cru® and Buttermilk Blue®.

You, my lovely readers know by now my absolute LOVE for yogurt.  So of course I am excited about Swiss Style Yogurt from Emmi of Switzerland.  A Privately owned plant makes the yogurt in small batches with "rbST-free milk" and only the "freshest fruit."

So, in celebration of National Strawberry Day, I am sharing this great recipe:

Emmi Swiss Yogurt Parfait
4 (6oz) Emmi Swiss Yogurt Bowls (preferably strawberry for Strawberry Day!!)
1 cup granola
6-8 strawberries, sliced
Almonds and mint sprigs for garnish (optional)
Layer granola, strawberries, and Emmi Swiss Yogurt in 4 glass serving dishes
Garnish with almonds and mint sprig
Refrigerate until ready to serve

I know after looking at this awesome recipe you are wondering where to buy this yummy yogurt so I will share with you!  Emmi Swiss Style Yogurt is available for purchase in various stores in NJ, NY and CT and the rest of us can purchase them on the Emmi Website and have them shipped right to our front door.  So go ahead and check them out for yourself. I know I found several items that are calling me to buy them!


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