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Saying Goodbye Forever to Sposies with Soft Bums Cloth Diapers

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Back in the day when I had my first child, over 13 years ago, I used cloth diapers.  I don't know what all the options were back then, but I know my mama said to buy pre-folds so I did.  I remember pinning those diapers on, putting on the oh-so-uncomfortable-looking rubber pants over the diaper and praying for a miracle:  that we didn't have leaks or even more important, please no rash.  I did this for 6 months when I just gave up. It really isn't  a proud moment, but it was just so much work, and he was lactose intolerant, but we didn't know until he was a year old.  So he had 12+ stinkies a day and it was just a nightmare.

Fast forward 13 years and four kids later, and I discovered by chance and a great blog post by another blogger a year ago that there is an AMAZING world of cloth diapers out there.  While you can still  purchase and use pre-folds, they now have diapers that look just like disposables, only softer!  They are money saving in the long run, softer, I never have to worry about running out in the middle of the night because we used the last diaper, etc.  I was SOLD.

About two weeks ago, I was blessed to receive an Omni with a Dry Touch Pod from Soft Bums in the mail.  I have used this diaper every night since, and I am ready to tell you about my experience.

When I opened the package my first thought was this will never fit my son, but the wonderful thing is this diaper will fit a brand new baby, but expands also to fit an older baby.  My son currently weighs 35 lbs (he's in the 95% for height and 50% for weight, so we grow them tall here) and the diaper fits him perfectly.

Also, the diaper came with a super absorbant Dry Touch Pod that is really soft .  Mika was very excited when he first opened the package saying "Oh, Mama my Diappy like Blanky" as he rubbed it on his face. Translated that means he thinks his new diaper is as soft as his best friend in the whole world:  his favorite blanket, and he is right.  It is WAY softer than even the premium disposable diapers.

 I love that the  Dry Touch Pod  has two ways to be used.  The first is snapped in so that the insert is directly touching the baby's skin.

The  Dry Touch Pod  can also be tucked into a built in pocket instead.  I am not a cloth diapering expert, but I believe that extra pocket is a God-send.  At night time you can put a Dry touch Mini Pod in the pocket, and snap the Dry Touch Pod inside the diaper for extra protection if you have a super soaker baby!

The diaper is so easy to care for.  I have 6 people here, so I do laundry daily.  Every morning, I change Mika and I put the night time diaper right into the machine with the other laundry.  I simply remove the insert and velcro the diaper back together so it doesn't stick on the other clothes.  If I had a younger baby, it would simply mean rinsing out diapers as they use them and washing one extra load of clothes a day.  Easy!  Two things I did note:  1.  I need to be careful not to put the insert in with the towels, because the insert will pick up fuzz and 2.  I only dry the diaper for 20-30 minutes because the first time I washed it a small area of thread came apart on the diaper leaving a small hole.  It was a very small area, and I think it was a glitch. After sewing the area back, I haven't had any other issues and I have washed it 13 more times!

The bottom line is I don't know why I didn't cloth diaper all my other children!  This is honestly not that much more work at all, there is no nasty diaper smell in my house from stinky diapers in my trash, and they are so much softer on my baby's skin!  Additionally, I can line dry them on great weather days making them even more eco-friendly and I like that.  I have officially changed my opinions about cloth diapers thanks to Soft Bums, and I would recommend their diaper to anyone to buy!  As a matter of fact, I like them so much, I am going to buy a couple of mini pods to add to my system!

Soft Bums diapers can be purchased directly on their website, and connect with them socially on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to  Soft Bums for the Diaper I received to try out.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.  Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase! 


  1. We love our soft bums diapers. The echo with a bamboo insert is our favorite

  2. I just saw this and it is an amazing review. I probably never would have CD'd if it wasn't for softbums.


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