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Brighten your Wardrobe with Apparel Dynasty Review

Apparel Dynasty 

All of the sudden this year, my girls are no longer little girls.  They are now 8 & 9 years old, and they aren't really into playing with toys anymore.  Another big shock:  all of the sudden what they wear matters!  Now, mind you, my girls have always been adorably dressed-Always neat, always clean, always girly with occasional lace, pretty sparkly shirts, lots of bling.  Now, they are coming into their own style.  One is still quite girly, wanting to wear 30 bangles at a time, nail polish, dresses, sequins, and tiaras (yes, she takes after me)!  The other one is girly in a Punky Bruster kind of way.  She prefers black nail polish, Jordan sneakers, and heaven forbid, she is NOT going to put a dress or skirt on her body.  I bought her one for Christmas to the tune of $89, and it still has the tags on it.  Her response to not wearing it?  "Mom, you know I don't wear dresses, so you should sell it at a yard sale to someone who might like it."  I think I am going to have to force myself to buy her Christmas ever again.  I am joking.  Maybe.

The point is, she is her own person, and no matter how much I love tiaras and sequins, she doesn't.  So we are gradually adding to her wardrobe in her style an item or two at a time.  I stumbled upon Apparel Dynasty, and I knew immediately this was the store for my daughter.  For that matter, I know many teenagers and even people in their 20's and 30's who will love their styles.

They offer shoes, handbags, graphic tees, scented posters, scented shoe laces, accessories and so much more in the most brilliant colors and styles!  I received several items to review:  Zap! ballerina flats, scented shoe laces, and a scented bracelet.  

The Zap! ballerina flats were just perfect.  They are made of quality materials and are geared to "zap out any bad day."  They are brightly colored in blues, oranges, yellows, and hot pink!  These are perfect for Suzannah who wanted every pair on the page, and I had to reign her into choosing one pair.  She immediately put them on when she got home from school, but then decided to save them for Easter at Nana's house.

The Tropical Fruit Scented Shoe Laces we received were just so cute.  I was afraid they were going to be strong scented like the stickers from elementary school, but they had a nice scent to them:  not too strong, but strong enough to smell them.  Gracie loved her laces, and of course we stopped what we were doing to put them in her Nike's so she could wear them to school the following day!

Lastly, we received a Scented Scratch and Sniff Bubble Gum Hair Elastic/Bracelet which my girly-girl Gracie claimed as her own.  It is like the shoelaces in that it is scented, but not so much that it is overwhelming.  She put it on her arm and was "Vogue-ing" enough to make Madonna proud!

I like the quality of these products, all are sturdy and have proved to be able to sustain even the harsh life my girls put them through.  Also, they are quite reasonable.  The Ballerina flats were only $29, and they also sell stilettos as well as sneakers.  

Check them out for yourself on their website where you can purchase items from.  You can also connect with them Socially on Facebook and Twitter.  

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to Apparel Dynasty for the products  I received to facilitate my review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.  Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!  

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