Friday, April 27, 2012

Elite Serum Update

Elite Serum

I posted almost 2 weeks ago my first review and I had passed the elite serum along to my children's Nana to use and do a review of it with me.  For personal reasons I prefer not to get into, Nana wasn't physically able to do this for me.  She "always follows through" as my Suzannah always says about Nana, so I will say that she was very sorry she couldn't do so this time.

Nana had the serum sent back to me, and I personally have used it for another 1 1/2 week and that is why my promised 2nd review is just coming out now.  

I have fine laugh lines around my eyes.  And while I have used products before and saw some results, I have always still had the wrinkles.  I have to say after another 1 1/2 weeks of Elite Serum I can see a DISTINCTIVE difference around my eyes.

The lines are decreased greatly, and they aren't the first thing I notice when I look in the mirror.  I know you ladies know what I am talking about. Seeing my skin getting lines has been very hard on me, and often all I can see when I look ARE those lines.  Well, no more.  I can't wait to see the difference after a couple of months!  I feel way better, and I can say from personal experience that Elite Serum does everything it promises!  I would give a thumbs up for anyone I know!


  1. I would use it myself, goodness, I need it

  2. I learned and like that its cruelty free


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