Monday, April 23, 2012

Excelsis Fine Fragrances for Mother's Day and Father's Day!

Excelsis Fine Fragrances

With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up,I know "what to buy" is on everyone's mind, and many are in the process of actually shopping for these occasions.  There is nothing that embodies Mother's Day or Father's Day better than a nice perfume or cologne.  Often times they are paired with flowers or a tie, and all signify I love you.  

You can look no more, because Excelsis Fine Fragrances has a lovely selection of both men's and women's fragrances to choose from.  Frederick J. Hass, M.D. founded Excelsis Fine Fragrances in 2005 with the purpose of creating a cologne derived from the original formula of Pope Pius the IX.  He named the  first fragrance The Pope's Cologne which caught the attention of the news media and was even featured on the CBS news!

With further research, Frederick, J. Hass M.D. began creating other fragrances made from essential oils and thus Excelsis Fine Fragrances was born!  They sell many unique scents for both men and women, all with wonderful essential oils as the base notes.  I received the Sempre men's cologne and the Shady Lane Women's cologne to assist with my review.  

The Sempre Men's Cologne is in my opinion a bold, yet light "Clean" aroma with notes of woodsy aroma to it.  It is a cologne representing the 19th Century Rome, and quite honestly the more I smell it, the more it grows on me!  I liked it at first, and now I can say like it a lot. This scent spans generations is and is perfect for both my father and my husband.

The Shady Lane Women's Cologne is just lovely.  It has a bold, woodsy palette to it, and has notes of patchouli, leaves, sandalwood, lavender, and citrus.  It has an elegance and character about it that speaks volumes.  It reminds me of a scent my High School English Teacher wore back in the day which simply tells me she had excellent tastes in perfume!

I have been overall pleased with these colognes which are quite moderately priced.  You can purchase both the men's and women's colognes for $27-$30 for a 2 oz bottle which is very reasonable for a high quality fragrance!  You can find these and many other fine fragrances on the Excelsis Fine Fragrance Website where you can even make a purchase if you would like!  You can also connect with them on Facebook to stay socially connected with the latest fragrances and news!

Just a little HINT for all my wonderful readers:  Stay tuned for a giveaway coming up in the future!!  You will be able to enter to win your very own fine fragrance! 


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  2. This perfume sounds like a great find. I'd like to try it.


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