Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Frugal Way to Cloth Diaper-How to Diaper in a Pinch!

Cloth Diapering for Earth Day

I was unable to make it to the Great Diaper Change because of where I live. I honestly don't know where the closest one was, and by next year, it probably won't be applicable to me which saddens me.  However, I want to share something with you.

I know so many people think they just can't afford to cloth diaper.  Let's face it, it's a big expense all in one chunk.  It's way more expensive to use disposables, but I can buy a $7 pack at a time which lasts for a week as opposed to a couple hundred out at one time to get enough to last a day or two.  All that being said, I STILL think it's cheapest, best for my baby, and wisest for the Earth to cloth diaper.

I have been thinking about things to use for absorbency lately for use in a pinch or even for those who just can't afford to purchase enough to last a while.  I know about using dish towels or bath hand towels are great for absorbency, but what about other things around the house?  I was researching the other day ways to make cloth diapers without special materials or a sewing machine which I am still saving to purchase.

I came up with the greatest idea which I HAVE tried out and would like to share with you:  Old T Shirts!!!

You take an old t-shirt which you don't wear anymore and lay it out flat. (Sorry WV fans)

Take the t shirt and start a third of the way over and fold it over to the other side of the tshirt.  This will make the tshirt in thirds.

Next take the neck of the shirt and sleeves and fold in half making what looks like a T and fold the bottom of the t shirt up to add extra layers in the front of the diaper.

Next, put on baby.  The arms are obviously the back of the diaper that wraps around the front.

Now, I don't use pins, so I don't have any. I do have diaper covers and AIO's though so here is where you want to put on a pin and some waterproof pants or the diaper cover.

I actually used this exact shirt and diaper cover on my 2 year old last night, and he got a big kick out of wearing a shirt on his butt!  I was worried about how absorbent it would be, but it kept him dry until morning!  The shirt was completely wet come morning, but we didn't soak through (he's a BIG wetter) and I was more than impressed.  

I am on the back end of my diapering career this being my fourth child and last, but I on a mission to help people change one diaper at a time!  Hey, if you are nervous about changing to cloth diapers, just try one!  If you don't like it, you can pass it along, re-sell it, or let your daughter use it to diaper her stuffies!!!  I know though that you will be impressed with how easy it is.  And, the t shirts can be easily washed out in the sink or tub and hung to dry over night if you don't have a washer at home!


  1. wow, interesting. i should inform my sister, who just had a baby.

  2. You should! I was so impressed with how easy and affordable it is! It's like any other diaper: It get's wet but I wish I had thought of this years ago!


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