Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Award Winning Mocha Brownie-It's Sinful!!

My Award Winning Mocha Brownie!

I entered a recipe contest a few months back for Truwhip, 100% natural, 70% organic whipped topping.  There were several categories, and I am the Grand Prize Winner for the Gooey Chewy Category.  This is a recipe I concocted back in the day when I was a Preacher's wife and we were doing what seemed like Monthly church potluck dinners.  

This dessert was and is always a hit and is usually all gone way before the buffet line is gone!  I have only made this three times in the last 7 years, today being one of them, but I would like to brag share with you! I am so happy to say I won $250,. $250 was donated in my name to Duke Children's Hospital and I won 52 free Truwhip coupons!  Thought ya'll might enjoy hearing that my 13 year old son who thinks he is too cool for school actually hugged me for making his second favorite dessert in the world!

Ally's Mocha Brownie:

1 Box of Brownie Mix
1 Package of Oreo Cookies crushed
1 cup strongly brewed coffee or espresso
2 containers of Truwhip
Caramel syrup or Chocolate Syrup
1 cup of miniature Chocolate Chips

Bake Brownie mix as directed on the package in a 9x13" pan and let cool
Poke the top of the brownie with a fork
Pour Coffee/espresso over the entire top of the brownie and allow to soak in
Evenly spread the crushed Oreo Cookies over the top of the brownie
Top with two containers of Truwhip
Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips
Garnish with caramel or chocolate drizzle

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  1. YUMMY. Congratulations on being Grand Prize Winner and how wonderful they start with a brownie mix. I LOVE recipes like that.


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