Friday, May 25, 2012

Never Too Young To Care For Our Skin-Joon Natural Skincare for Girls!

JOON Natural Skincare for Girls

One of the bigger regrets in my life was jumping on the tanning bandwagon in the 90's.  Everyone was tanning either outside or in the salon, and since it felt so good and relaxing, I did it too!  I ignored my mother as she lovingly tended to her day-glo white skin every day, and I eagerly applied butter, tanning oils, and excelerators until my skin was a dark golden brown.  Those were the days.

Now that I am 36, much wiser, and seeing some tale tale signs of the abuse I gave my skin up until 5 years ago,  I will never treat my skin badly again.  I put on SPF on my face even on a dreary winter day, and I preach to my kids daily about how it is never too young to take care of their skin.  Thanks to my oldest daughter having such white Irish skin, we don't go out any day without full sunscreen on.  I can control if they use sunscreen, but I really want to foster in my children a desire and love for good beauty products to properly care for their skin.  That way, when I am not around to supervise, they still want to do it.

JOON Natural Skincare for Girls understands the need for skincare at the earliest age, and they offer products that aren't just repackaged adult products like many companies do.  JOON products are all natural and they are created specifically for girls between the ages of 6 and 12, not teenagers or adults!  Let me repeat:  NO BAD STUFF!   They are paraben, phthalate, artificial color and sodium lauryl sulfate free! Not only are they instilling good habits into our young girls, they are doing so without any harmful products!

You readers know by now this is of utmost importance to me and products with these high standards get the My Wild Crazy Life Seal of Approval, which says a lot about this company and product!  I received the Sunshine Sparkle Body Cream, Happy Face Cream SPF 15, and the Body Wash to facilitate my review.  The girls were outside when I came back from the mail, and they were so excited when they saw a box that was intended for them!  


It was funny to watch my girly girl get excited about the sparkly lotion while my practical Suzannah was excited about the sunscreen.  The Sunshine Sparkle Body Cream has a lovely Sweet Vanilla scent to it and leaves the girls skin all sparkly and beautiful.  I love that the website shows the girls in pictures exactly what ingredients are in this lotion.

The Happy Face Cream SPF 15 is scent free and offers a light moisture along with added sun protection.  The directions explain why it is important to wash our faces, and remind us to drink lots of water and get in exercise since all is important to great skin.


Lastly, the Apricot Mint Body Wash has a yummy scent to it, and lathers so well.  Just a dab on a body puff goes a long way, and I have noticed a lot less groaning over the mention of shower time.  I think they are proud to have grown up products like mom that are their very own!  I love that the directions remind them to dab on the lotion when they are done showering.  No more mom nagging to get the job done right!

Our overall experience with JOON Natural Skincare for Girls has been quite positive, and at $7 for the SPF face cream and $10 each for the body wash and cream, they cost the same as most of the body wash/lotion stores in the mall charge for adult products.  However, these are ALL NATURAL, and I can feel great about letting my children use them!

Check them out for yourself at the JOON website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and the JOON Blog and see how cute their products are.  

Disclaimer: Many thanks to JOON Natural Skincare for Girls  for the products I received to facilitate this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when making decisions on purchasing something.


  1. I agree. I wish I wouldn't have went to the tanning bed as much as I did.

  2. This sounds like a great product! I wish they had this when I was younger. I've always been pretty pale, but never went tanning too often (inside or out)due to the price and location of where I lived.

    I was thinking of starting to tan more often now that its finally hot and wear less spf but I never leave the house without it either!!

  3. i love this! specially the vanilla scent..

  4. i love this! specially the vanilla scent..


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