Monday, July 30, 2012

Day one of Walking-I MUST be insane!

So you may have noticed I have a new tab at the top of my page labeled Weight Loss.  It's pretty self explanatory so I won't explain WHY I have it.  You will be seeing weekly posts that will be revealed tomorrow along with other posts along the way.


I stepped up my water intake to 9-12 eight oz glasses of water a day about a week ago, and exercise is definitely the next step.  My husband goes to the gym because of his job position he has access to the gym free.  However, there just isn't time or funds for me to go to the gym, so I dusted off my snazzy walking shoes and met him at the door this morning at 6:30 when he got home from work.  I told him that he is watching my 3 year old, and off I went.

My goal was the pond and back, but when I got to the pond I felt pretty good so I kept waking to the cross roads which I regretted about half way home.  My thighs and hips were burning, my back was throbbing and I was sweating glistening which I really think is yucky.  I had to remind myself the whole way that walking is definitely better for me than sleeping, since my body which got less than 5 hours sleep was complaining loudly about this sudden change in the schedule.

My final thoughts are "YAY, I walked 4 miles in right under an hour" and "I must have lost my mind!"  I am a little unsure of why everything that is supposed to be good for us in life either hurts or tastes bad (think about it, it's true), but I need to be selfish and take this time for me.  Right now, it isn't something I look forward to, but I think in the long run I will be happier for it!  And, hopefully, I will some some great results!


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  1. Hang in there, it gets easier if you keep at it. Be nice to yourself and patient with yourself and you will surely see results!

  2. Ttrockwood@yahoo.comAugust 7, 2012 at 9:28 PM

    Good for you! Research has shown it takes three weeks of consistency to create a new habit, so i recommend marking a calendar with a smiley face every day you walk for the next 3weeks- next thing you know iTs a habit!


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