Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everything happens for a Reason!

Today was a sad day for me.  My children go several times a year to visit family, and I just hate it.  I cry when I drop my kids off knowing they are to be gone (having the time of their life, of course) for three weeks and that I am going to really miss their laughter, taking my name in vane a thousand times a day, and just driving me insane constantly and making me laugh!

So after I dropped them, calmed my sobbing 3 year old who misses them "berry berry bad" and drove home 2.5 hours, I was emotionally exhausted.  I noticed my husband had forgotten his duty belt for work, but he was at the gym working out so I took my tired self to drop it in his car so he will have it tonight.  Mika was very hungry by this point, so I told him I would buy him some fries because I had a dollar in my pocket.  

As we pulled to the stop light to leave Walmart, a homeless man walked up to the stop light and pulled out his sign.  I almost cried.  Here was a man who doesn't have the comforts of home, no food, no drink, it's HOT, and I just spent my last cash dollar on fries my son didn't really need.  

This man was either an alcoholic or a drug addict because he was already in DT's.  I quickly remembered I still had the cooler in the car from the trip so I told him I don't have any money but offered him some coke and 6 string cheeses I have.  To my surprise, he immediate reaction was relief and thankfulness.  

What I did really isn't anything to write home about.  It is what any humane person would do:  feed someone who is hungry and offer them drink on a hot day.  However, this man haunts me.  In this man, I don't see an addict:  I see my father, or what he may be one day thanks to addiction.  I also see a life that could have been happy, maybe it was happy at one point and something happened.  Now I see a broken man, so sad he numbs himself to kill the pain.  I see loss, regret, and so much waste.  I hope by my spontaneous offering that he sees a glimmer of hope.  I hope he sees that goodness does indeed exist, and that there can be more to life than whatever drink or drug that he is currently living for.  

And it is this wonderful opportunity I was blessed with that is the reason my husband was meant to forget his duty belt.  Do you believe in randomness or that everything happens for a reason?  How do you pay it forward in life?  The only thing I wish were different about today is that my children didn't get to witness how great it feels to help someone in need!

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  1. That's a really good lesson to teach your son. I almost like giving homeless people food, etc more than money because you know you're giving them something that they need instead of them spending the money on booze or drugs.


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