Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mommy Follies, and Boo Boos!

Okay, only here in the My Wild Crazy Life can we have super ironic moments daily.  Ironically, I was having one of those "wanna-pull-my-hair-out" kind of days when I opened and appropriately named my blog.  Hindsight being 20/20, I probably would have named it a little more geared towards a theme, and less towards my hectic life that day.  However, since we live in a throwback lifestyle where we organic garden, raise organic chickens, preserve most of our food, and have a simple back-to-the-roots lifestyle, it fits!

Anyways, back to today's story.  Mika, my darling 3 year old is at that fun age of driving me a little bananas. He is actually quite smart in his shenanigans.  For example, my sister called to ask me how to recover her resume she deleted by accident the other night, and while I was explaining how to do this, Mika had to "potty."  Had I not been on the phone, I would have realized this was code for "I'm Bored!"  I figured this out a few minutes later when my bathroom floor was covered in water.  He hooked the detachable vacuum cleaner up to the sink faucet and used it as a fireman water hose.  Hey, he was sitting on his "Firefighter" truck so all was good, right?

Today, as I am cooking his supper, I see him sitting on the glass topped end table.  I explain that it could break and he could cut his major artery, bleed out and die in 3 year old language (bad boo boo), telling him to get down.  He proceeds to tell me to explain to me WHY he needs to sit on the table, and I just take him off the table, and tell him not to sit on it again, please.  Mika says "Okay, Mommy!"

I go back to the stove only to hear jumping in the living room.  I run back in there banging my toe on the couch on the way by to see him standing and jumping on the table.  I grab him off, explain that he can get hurt and have to go to the Hospital, really bad boo boo.

 This has become a point of argument in the last few days, I know I am keeping him safe, so I just decide to move the table.  The whole time I am explaining to Mika  how bad it would be if he broke the table, and how hurt he would be.  As I am moving the table, the glass falls through, crashes, and Mika sobs that I broke his favorite table!  The best part?  I cut my finger cleaning it up.  


  1. Oh, the good ol' toddler years. I am still suffering through mine! O.o


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