Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 1 of Weight Loss #NSNation!

I officially started with Nutrisystem last Sunday:  One week and two days ago.

What I discovered this week is how bad my habits have become over the years.  Most days, I literally eat once a day:  Supper time.  I have had to learn a whole new way of thinking about food.  It's my friend and I can eat it, often, and in what I consider to be large quantities.  For example, four vegetables and one fruit a day is a lot of food, but it is fueling my body.  I haven't had caffeine in over two weeks, I am eating three meals and three snacks a day, exercising at least 4 days a week and I feel good.


Sure, some moments have been harder than others.  There are times I feel so hungry, and other times I am not hungry when it is time to eat, yet I do so anyways.  And guess what?  I started off weighing 276.8 and I have lost to 271.8!!  That's a total of 5 lbs lost, and I couldn't be more pleased!  After about day four, it got easier.  My cravings for the food I am used to eating were less, and the constant "mental" hunger was less as well.

I still have temptations, and thus far I haven't given in.  I was afraid to weigh myself, because I had to eat out last night while travelling.  However, I made the healthiest choices I could make, and didn't overeat, and I still lost weight.  It's all about moderation and smart choices. Today,  I started right back on my Nutrisystem food, and I am determined to give it my all today!  I want to leave you with my beginning and current stats.

August 6, 2012

Upper Arms: 15.0
Chest: 49.8
Waist: 54.0
Hips: 59.0
Thighs: 23.6

August 14, 2012
Upper Arms: 15.0
Chest: 48.5
Waist: 53.4
Hips: 58.0
Thighs: 21.9

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*Nutrisystem is providing me with 4 months of free food and support service as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program. In exchange, I will be posting each week with my progress. All thoughts expressed are my own, and my experience using the system may vary from that of other participants.*

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  1. Your rock, Allyson. That is great loss. I am on Weight Watchers since June 12. I have lost almost 10 lbs. It is slow but I am glad to be losing and not gaining! :) Keep it up. can't wait to here the updates along the way.


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