Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ally's Mocha Brownie

A while back I shared with you my award winning Brownie Recipe, and with the Fall season here and Holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to share this again!  As you know, I pride myself on taking recipes and using the best whole food ingredients and make them healthier by using whole wheat, sweeteners such as Agave or Splenda, Organic foods, etc. Not this recipe.  It is completely decadent, so rich and good, and in no way healthy for you.  However, it is SO worth the extra calories, sugar, and every thing else in it because it is so yummy.  This is the perfect recipe for every family gathering, party, or even the social gatherings or buffet.

Ally's Mocha Brownie:

1 Box of Brownie Mix
1 Package of Oreo Cookies crushed
1 cup strongly brewed coffee or espresso
2 containers of Truwhip
Caramel syrup or Chocolate Syrup
1 cup of miniature Chocolate Chips

Bake Brownie mix as directed on the package in a 9x13" pan and let cool
Poke the top of the brownie with a fork
Pour Coffee/espresso over the entire top of the brownie and allow to soak in
Evenly spread the crushed Oreo Cookies over the top of the brownie
Top with two containers of Truwhip
Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips
Garnish with caramel or chocolate drizzle


  1. These sound really good! I think my hubby would love them. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    1. If he likes chocolate, he will love these. I have'nt been eating sweets, but my husband and kids love this dessert

  2. They'll keep for 4 to 6 months in the freezer. Only use glass or shiny metal pans. Dark or non-stick pans will cause brownies to be soggy and low in volume.


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