Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update on Max

Last week I shared with you how sick my oldest son Max has been, and we went back to the doctor today so I wanted to give you a quick update.  If you didn't catch the first post, you can read what's going on in the original post.  

Max's ear started oozing again on Saturday, but I knew he was on the strongest antibiotics they can give him without an iv, so we waited until his appointment today since the office was closed for the Holiday anyways.

Dr. Winslow had a chance to view the Cat Scan since last week, had it confirmed (along with the cultures) by several other doctors, and my son definitely has a staff infection in the bone behind his ear which is in his skull.  In the almost 3 years I have been seeing Dr. Winslow with four kids which is at least twice a month, I have never heard him express concern about something.  Normally I get the "it's no big deal if you treat it properly" response from him which I love.  He's no nonsense, tells me what's wrong, how to treat, and reassures that it's normal, no big deal.

Not this time.  He told me this concerns him a lot, wants to get him to the ENT as soon as possible, and personally spoke to the receptionist about getting this appointment worked soon.  He also wants his EEG moved up if possible, but I am a little unsure why unless the seizure could be caused by the infection in a weird way.  Oh, yes, and the infection is so bad it has ruptured his ear drum, and his ear "looks worse now than it did when you brought him in a month ago."

On a side note, Max's sugar is no longer under control and in the past year has tested high 5 out of 6 times.  He said he really thinks Max has Type 1 Diabetes, but wants to do one more fasting test in a month so that his body isn't under stress from this sickness before he puts him on medication.

All in all it's just a little scary thinking about my son having an infection in his skull which may take months to cure, and which has likely already caused permanent hearing loss per the doctor.  Max is a little scared, because at 13 I can only sugar coat some of what he heard the doctor say first hand.  If I were a less strong person with a less strong man here going through this with me, I would be a hot mess. I'm alright, but I would lie if I said I wasn't worried.


  1. My eardrum ruptured yesterday, from a horrible sinus infection. It hurt so bad, I can't imagine a young boy going through this. I'm so sorry. I will be continuing my prayers for him and hoping for some good news at the ent.

    1. Thanks, Party! Mom is just worried, probably more than need be, because that's what mom's do! He goes to the ENT next Friday with instructions to go to the regular doctor immediately if he gets another fever since the infection is definitely worse than ever. The diabetes is a lifestyle, not so much a worry!


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