Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Country Housewife!

I have had people ask me before how I balance blogging which is at the very least a part time job with parenting four kids, a husband, I don't even know how many chickens (it's over 18), a dog, errands and everything else.  Well, considering that I have trouble managing just one task at a time (maybe a little ADD?) I would call it insanity, but it works for me.  However, he is a basic breakdown including some important monthly prep which makes life easier the rest of the month.

1.  We grocery shop once a month, only buying milk and fresh produce in between.  This means that only one day a month is taken up with shopping and putting away my food which frees up the rest of the month for everyday needs, and I always have on hand what I need to prepare anything our family eats.  I buy my meat in bulk from a local meat market supplied by local farms that free range the chickens, and grass feed the beef.   Everything else from frozen veggies, fruit, flour, agave, yeast, to cleaning supplies gets purchased at Costco the week they have in store sales on.  I combine this with my fresh garden veggies, fresh organic eggs, and food we preserved the rest of the year.

2.  When I get up in the mornings, at 5 am I have 3 children to get ready for the school bus.  They eat breakfast at school, but I give them a small baggy of cheerios, crackers or even a slice of toast before they leave to tide them over the hour it takes to ride to school.

3.  As they are getting ready for school, I pull the meat out of the freezer for the day.  I mostly use a crock pot, so meat goes straight into the crock pot frozen and will be done in 8 hours on low.  However, if it is baked, then it just thaws. .

3.  I start a load of laundry.  With 6 people, I must do two loads a day-more if we had a potty accident in the night-to keep up with it.  Otherwise, it's a pileup and takes an entire day to complete.  Not cool.

4.  I sit down to my first cup of coffee and my other time consuming life-my computer.  I work at my computer sorting emails until the 3 year old wakes up right at 6:50 when the kids are boarding the buses.

5.  I make breakfast for Mika, get him his milk, and settle him down in front of PBS in his gaming chair.  He is very low key until about 10-11 am every morning, so I have learned to cherish this about my last one and let him educate with Super Why and Sesame Street for a bit while I get some work done.  Seriously, you'd be shocked at how much they learn from educational shows.

6.  Now is where I do umpteen things at once.  I check email for about 15 minutes before my 16 glasses of water a day kick in.  Once I am up for a run, I do things like sweep a room, pick up toys, wash a few dishes, swap out/fold some laundry, anything I see needs done and check email randomly in between in case there is something time sensitive to handle.  I try to get my entire housework done at this time

7.  By 11 at the latest, Mika has a ton of energy so I am playing with him, reading books, outside, playing cards which is me holding up a card and he will tell me what the number is (he knows 10, 5, 2, 7, 8 and 4 by site, and we are working on site recognition of the others) until lunchtime at 12:30.  Following lunchtime is nap at 1 pm.

8.  THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF THE DAY:  My time.  From 1-2 I don't blog, I don't clean, I don't anything, and heaven forbid a telemarketer call!  I eat my lunch and watch my soap opera.  I am not addicted to the soap opera.  If it bores me, I watch Food Network or read a book.  The point is the ME time, not what I am doing with it.  This is crucial to sanity, and is sacred.

9.  At 2 pm it gets busy again.  Dear Husband (DH) works 12 hour night shifts so I have to prepare a meal for when he wakes up at 3:30 and two other meals to pack for his lunch since in essence it is lunch and supper I am packing.  He's a picky eater and doesn't like sandwiches more than maybe 2 times a month so I have to cook 3 different meals each day.  I try to do something where I can use the same meat, but make two completely different meals for him.

10.  3 pm my 2 middles kids are home from school so I am doing snacks, homework, getting DH's "breakfast" cooked and putting on makeup and combing my hair. Hey, even a country girl has to look good for her man.

11.  From 4-4:30 I spend time with DH and I am pretty much his "Beck and call girl" meaning whatever he needs done at the moment, I do it.  He watches a little tv while he eats which takes roughly 20 minutes and during this time we talk while I shine his duty boots.  Then I lay out his uniform, attach his stripes pins to his collar, lay out his socks, shirt, and duty belt so that he can have it all at his fingertips after he showers at 4:30.

12 While DH showers I make the bed up and freshen the room a bit before I go out and greet my 13 year old who arrived home from school at 4:30.  I get him a snack, oversee his homework, and pack my husbands lunch box.

13.  DH leaves at 5 pm, and now I cook supper for the kids.  Usually the meat is done already, so I just have to cook fresh sides and get everyone fed.  After supper, I assign jobs of cleaning up-picking up toys, washing dishes, starting showers, etc.

14.  At 7, the 3 year old and I sit down to watch Sprout's good night show with his two sisters, and my 13 year old plays his hour of PS3.  It requires use of the internet, and since we are out so far, two people can't use it at once or it goes into super slow painting mode (think days of dial up) even though we have "high speed." This means I pay very high DSL prices and receive slow at best speed.  Seriously, I can't watch a 3 minute You Tube video in less than 10 minutes.

15.  8 means the 3 older kids get 30 minutes of TV time in the living room, 3 year old is down for bedtime, and Mama is blogging!

16.  8:30 and 9 pm are bed times for the older 3.  However, I go to bed sometime around midnight knowing that I only got through 1/4 of the emails I needed to, but my blog posts are complete!

Now, my schedule gets thrown out the window at least once a week for things like Doctor's visits, a day of preserving food, or anything else that needs done.


  1. Okay. I'm exhausted just reading all of that! I don't know how you do it.. it still sounds like too much. & you're still good on only 5 hours of sleep?

    1. I wouldn't call it fine Amy! I have a hard time sleeping anyways when I am home alone with the kids, so usually it just makes sense to work if I am battling insomnia! I am always tired and when I get really tired, I go a little slower on my blog!

  2. Busy Momma! It is a fine balancing act for sure! I had some one make a snide remark recently when I stated I was up to my eyeballs busy..."How ever do you find time for your blog?" ARG! Snotty lady! My blog is my five minute escape:0) Great post! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. I know, Mama! It is my only outlet! I don't go many places unless we have errands or appointments, and I find this to be a great mental release! Most of the other work is what it is. I will have to do it regardless of anything else in my life.


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