Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Best Ever Healthy Whole Wheat Buns Recipe for the Bread Machine!

That's right, I use a bread machine, and I'm PROUD of it!  Yes, I know, a real baker will use brawn and muscle to knead that dough by hand lovingly, and I know how to do this very well.  But, why would I, if I have a handy dandy machine that will do the work for me leaving me time to do something equally important?  I wouldn't.  There are some pretty great recipes out there for the bread machine, but I am discovering that "whole wheat" usually doesn't really mean whole wheat.  Most recipes call for 2 cups of white flour to 1 cup of whole wheat, and you still have to add in wheat gluten.
The reasoning behind this is that the gluten is what makes your bread soft and yummy, and white flour naturally has more gluten in it.  The additional gluten is to make up for the gluten the whole wheat is lacking.  Perfect, right?  If you don't have diabetic issues or gluten sensitivity which we have both of in our home.  A recipe with this ratio of white to wheat only has 1 gram of fiber in it so it won't properly slow down how fast the carbohydrates break down .  It all sounds confusing, but the easy way to remember is that your bread, pasta, and crackers need to have at LEAST 3 grams of fiber per serving for a diabetic. I'm not a doctor, but my Pediatrician told me this is the ratio to look for on the nutritional label.    Also, remember that every 4 grams of sugar equals 1 tsp, so baking recipes with sugar should be substituted with Splenda.  My recipe is a tad heartier than rolls you buy in the store, but it is in my opinion better for me.

Allyson's Bread Machine Whole Wheat Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns

3 cups of whole wheat flour
1 organic egg
1 cup of water
1 tps salt
1/4 cup of Splenda
1/4 cup of Virgin Coconut Oil (click the link to find out more about my favorite brand)
3 TBS of Instant Yeast or a packet of the brands you see at the market

Place all of your ingredients in your Bread Machine pan and press the dough setting.

When the timer goes off indicating the bread has risen enough, remove the dough, roll it into a 12 inch "snake" and cut into 8 equal pieces for hamburger buns or 12 inches for hot dog buns

Grease your cooking pan or use a Silpat as I do. You can read more about the wonders of Silpat by clicking the link.  I promise once you use a Silpat you won't ever want to mess with greasing a cookie sheet again!

Shape the dough into balls for hamburger rolls or cylindar shapes for hot dog rolls, place on the pan, cover, and let rise until almost double.  You can speed up the rising time by placing a bowl of boiling water under the pan.


  1. oh this sounds very yummy!

    i found you via New Modern Momma blog hop and so glad i did! i am your newest follower, and i look forward to reading more by you!


    1. I am stopping by your "house" for a visit now, Thanks for coming by and I hope to see more of you! I have worked hard the last year or more to try to be a healthier mom and family so I am always open to what I can read and learn.

  2. There is no shame in using a bread maker! These look delicious! Will have to try them! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thanks, Loressa. I use mine almost daily now. With four kids and a husband, baked goods don't have time to get stale here. I feel good about what they are eating though because it is healthy breads we make, and only use for either supper or a sammy/veggie pizza, etc

  3. Looks so good!!! I so want a bread maker for Christmas I agree with Loressa, no shame in using one at all. Plus your eating fresh bread anytime you wish!

    1. Lisa, you can make this the old fashioned way too. If using instant yeast, just mix it in with the dry ingredients, then add wet. If using a packet of yeast, proof it as the directions on the packet say to. It just takes a little time to knead it!


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