Saturday, January 7, 2012

My take on Food & 2012 Goals


How much thought do you put into what is actually in the foods you put in your body?  I am fully guilty and must admit that until less than 2 years ago I put zero thought into it.  A year and a half ago I began once again being a SAHM and we moved out to the country.  Just to save money, we planted a garden and something magical happened the moment I put my fingers in the soil. PEACE happened.  I absolutely love gardening.  In the evenings during the Spring Summer and Fall I love going out and spending an hour or two on my knees in the garden weeding and tending my vegetables.

 I have done a lot of research and decided that our family will be self-sustaining, organic, and eco friendly for the simple health reasons.  I just can't imagine continuing to feed my family food that has ingredients I cannot pronounce:  preservatives, acids, dyes and other things I am unsure what they even are!   I even began raising organic free-range chickens so I know that no hormones or other weird additives are given to the chickens producing the eggs going into my children's bodies.

As a result, we have started processing most of our own food:  vegetables, fruits, pickles, spaghetti sauce, relish, preserves, jellies, etc.  Not only do I know exactly what is going into my jars and my children's bodies, I am SAVING MONEY!  The initial setup cost a bit to buy all the canning jars and pressure canner, but in the long run, it is so cheap.  During the summer, EVERYTHING but the cheese that goes into my spaghetti sauce is fresh out of the garden and already paid for.  If I run out as I did last week, it costs me right around $20 to make 30+ quarts of sauce!  We even preserve our own meat!  We preserve venison in canning jars freezing the steaks only, we grow our own free-range organic chickens which also provide our eggs!

My Goals for 2012

This year, I fully intend to go even further into my organic lifestyle that is a little over a year old.  I intend to plant an even wider variety of fruits and veggies and DH and I intend to start some bee hives near my garden this year.  The wonderful addition of fresh, raw honey, plus all the bees to pollinate my garden are just exciting.  My ultimate goal is to become self-sustaining.  Not sure I am really on the bandwagon of the world ending as much as I love the way I feel now that we are eating more healthy and without all the preservatives! How about you, what are your health/food/lifestyle goals for this year?

While I do understand that not everyone has access to the land/garden/animals that we do, but I would like to challenge you to really think about what goes into the food you are nourishing your bodies with!   Start with the little things.  Cut out those sodas, or switch to honey instead of sugar.  Life in 2012 will be better than any other year has been, and you might save a few dollars as "frosting on the cake!!!"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Update your Blog Style with Lady Jane Designs

Lady Jane Designs

About a month ago I was blessed with an offer of a new blog design by Sara Greenlaw at Lady Jane Designs.  I had been working on my page by myself and it was okay, but not what I was envisioning, nor was it "polished and professional."  Thank Heaven for Sara who really is a pro and was able to capture exactly what I wanted simply by a questionnaire I filled out and now it is so professional looking!

Sara was absolutely wonderful to work with!  She spent hours working on my first design and when an unforeseen glitch occurred that prevented us from being able to use that design, she graciously started from scratch and created me a new and equally wonderful design.  I have to admit I was really impressed at how sweetly she made me a new one when I know how busy she is.

Blogger Design Services:   What I love the most about Lady Jane Designs is the wide variety of services and packages they offer and how competitive yet affordable they are.  The site offers The Piccolo Package,  The Medio Package, the Grande Package, plus a number of A La Carello items like Header, Background, Signature, Menu, etc.  Literally all needs whether big or small can be met by Lady Jane Designs and they can fit in any budget with all their options!

Where You Can Find Lady Jane Designs:  Lady Jane Designs can be accessed via their website as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Also, you can keep up with all the hot news from Lady Jane Designs by following their RSS feed.

Disclaimer:  I didn't receive monetary compensation for this review;  however, I did receive a new blog design in exchange for this review.  All opinions are honest and my own!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Early Birthday Surprise an Almost Wordless Wednesday

Bonefish Grill

Last week while the three oldest kids were at their bio dad's for Christmas, Matthew surprised me with an early Birthday Dinner.  The surprising part isn't that he took me out.  It's that he didn't take me to Red Lobster (his favorite restaurant in the world) but rather to Bonefish Grill.  If you knew my cammo wearing, Football watching,   outdoor boy from upstate NY, then you would get the shock of where he went with me.

I totally love the romantic low lights, the quiet atmosphere, and the yummy food.  Here is a picture of our wonderful evening!

My supper, Lilly's Chicken.  A WONDERFUL concoction of Chicken, Spinach, Goat Cheese and Artichokes-still craving the Goat Cheese!

He had the Steak Dinner and was very shocked at how large the steak was!

And of course we had to start off the meal with their famous Bang Bang Shrimp.  It's good, but I thought it was a really large portion and a heavy appetizer.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Test post

I am getting a makeover and this is just a test post for me.  Sorry, and I appreciate the understanding!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hop on over with me!

So I am going to Host a New Year's Google + and a Twitter follow hop today.  We are all adults so there are just a few easy rules/steps.

1.  Follow ME.   I'm the host, so I'm princess special today :D.  Google + and Twitter (you may pick one or both)

2.  Leave a shout out tweet to the people you follow, either separately or listing several people at once.  Example:  Follow me on Twitter Hop @myw1ldcrazylife

3.  Please follow back those who follow you.  It's only fair!