Friday, March 23, 2012

Banish those Fine Lines and Wrinkles with Systeme 41 Revitalizing Eye Treatment!

Systeme 41

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Here in the South where I was born and bred we have a lot of "Southernisms" which are nicer ways of saying things:  "Bless your heart"  which translates into, "oh my, no she didn't just do that" to "it's not my favorite" which translates into "It's awful and I never want to eat/smell/use that again."  Another one is "laugh lines"  which is nothing more than some good old fashioned fine lines around the eyes or in some cases, deep wrinkles.  However,  the way we phrase things is where the differences stop as far as wrinkles are concerned.  We want to permanently stop and reverse the signs of wrinkles altogether like any other part of the country does, and do I ever have a great company and product to share with you today!

Systeme 41 was developed by a team of doctors with over 80 years combined experience!  This team of doctors is headed by Dr. Janet Zand and Dr. David Wood whose primary goal is to create a 100% natural skin care line that has the ability to rejuvenate skin and make it feel and look years younger. The end result  is a line of skin care products that are Paraben Free, Gluten-Free, No artificial colors or fragrances, no chemicals or acids, cruelty-free, and no mineral oil.  The bottom line is these are safe, natural products that I would feel safe using on my children although I cherish it for myself! Also, Systeme 41 comes with a 100% guarantee that if you don't see a difference in your skin, that they will reimburse your money, even if you are at the bottom of the bottle.  I don't know many companies that have such a complete guarantee, do you?

Systeme 41 product line includes everything from Creme's, Masques, Cleansers, and Eye Treatments, and I received the Revitalizing Eye Treatment to try.  I immediately fell in love with the packaging.  It is a pump bottle that you can screw open and shut every time you use it, which as a mother of a toddler, is VERY important.  It is white (no dyes), scent free, and hasn't caused any kind of skin outbreak or rash.  It only takes a small dab on each eye two times a day, and without being asked, my husband pointed out he can see a difference in my eye area asking what I was doing differently!  Since this is coming from a man who isn't always so observant, I give this product a thumbs up!

You can find out more for yourself about the company and even purchase products right on the Systeme 41 website and stay socially connected on Facebook for all the latest and greatest happenings at Systeme 41.

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to Systeme 41  for the product  I received to try.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.  Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!    

Thursday, March 22, 2012

By Hand Granola Review


There are a few healthy items that are a staple in my home at almost any given time and one of those items is granola.  I do make homemade granola on a semi-frequent basis, but for me it is a time consuming thing to make since I have to stir it every 15 minutes for several hours to prevent burning.  Because of this I do prefer to buy it when I find it to meet my healthy standards.

Today I would like to share with you By Hand Granola, a family owned company that was basically started from  the mother, Suzy's obsession with great granola.  After about a year of much trial and error, she landed on the exact recipe to call her own.  The name, By Hand represents the fact that this all natural granola is made from scratch, by hand!  This granola is perfect for supporting an active lifestyle, and is easy to eat on the go. 

I was blessed with a package of both of the By Hand Granolas:  Original and Gluten-free to try, and of course my kids were immediately nudging me to open the package.  I didn't make them wait long because this is such a great snack or even a meal.  The thing I noticed immediately was the large chunks of granola and tons of cranberries and nuts.  I am a certifiable snacker and one of my biggest pet peeves is opening a box of granola only to find out I have to eat it with a spoon because it is the same size as the oatmeal used to make the granola!  There is no such problems with By Hand Granola.  As a matter of fact, I portioned it into snack sized ziplock bags and we primarily enjoyed this as a snack.

The Original By Hand Granola contains Oatmeal, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, dried Cranberries, and Cinnamon in addition to a few other ingredients.  What I noticed immediately on the ingredient packaging is that I could pronounce and readily identify every single ingredient in the granola. No preservatives.  No chemicals.  Nothing I am afraid to feed my children.

The Gluten-Free By Hand Granola was equally as "chunky" as the original, but without the Gluten.  It's ingredients include:  Gluten-Free Rolled Oats, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts, Cashews, Cinnamon, Dried Cranberries, and a few other ingredients.  Again, I know what every single ingredient is and where it came from!

I give this product a thumbs up for the healthy, natural aspect alone.  I did think the Granola could have been a tad sweeter, but I do like that each person can control the sweet letter for themselves by adding some Agave Syrup or Honey to their own bowl!  Check them out for yourself!   You can purchase their granola on the website for $3.50 for a 4.5 oz package (Super affordable, right?) as well as connect with them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest and greatest happenings at By Hand Granola!

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to By Hand Granola for the products  I received to try.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.  Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!     

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads Review

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads

The tradition of making flatbreads is over 6,000 years old, so it is surely not anything new, and it actually comes from various corners of the earth.  For example, Roti and Naan originate in India while Pita comes from the Mediterranean, and America has been interested for quite a while in the different shapes and textures of flatbread.

I can still remember my first experience with flatbread.  While staying at my sister's house while I was in town for a visit about 13 years ago, her husband made his version of Roti and served it with eggs over easy for breakfast. It was one of the best things I had ever eaten!  From then on, whenever I was in town, he would make either Naan or Roti (I love both) and serve it various ways my favorite being with an authentic spicy cauliflower dish.

Fast forward to now, and I can almost still taste that wonderful bread.  However, due to life's circumstances changing, I no longer get to enjoy it hot out of the pan as I once did.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive a package in the mail from Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads containing three different flavors of their Naan to try.   We received the Original, Wheat, and Garlic.

The Ajmera family have a family saying "don't fight tradition" and they began this company on that exact principle:  Tradition!  They adhere to two rules:  The flatbreads must be utterly authentic, and the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods will be utilized when making these products.  While I am sure it is difficult to keep up with the mass demand for these breads, they still make the bread in small batches and hand stretch the dough!  My favorite part is that the flatbreads are made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives! The end result is something that can only be described as delicious.

While I wanted to make the spicy cauliflower to go with the Naan, it is too hot for my children and husband to enjoy so I began thinking about how I would incorporate this bread into a meal that everyone will like.  I decided to do my take on a Tandoori Pizza since I knew the kids would love this.

The kids had a blast putting the toppings of their choice on the pizzas, so while it was a messy undertaking, it was so worth it!  Also, all the kids loved the Naan, my oldest even asking if we could buy it again and try it in other ways-of course the answer was yes!

The bottom line is the kids loved the bread!!

Check them out for yourself on their website and you can socially connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.  

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads for the products  I received to try.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.  Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!     

Asking a Huge favor of my readers!

I have entered a Pet competition on Facebook and am trying to win a Canvas.  I am asking if you guys would do me a favor and take a moment to vote for me HERE.  The name of the picture is Kimbo and Ruby Singing by Allyson Bossie.  I would greatly appreciate it !!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

McNaughton Inc Review

McNaughton Inc.
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I don't know about the rest of the Mothers in the world, but I know I was blessed with some pretty special children.  They have an incredible awareness for the environment from recycling to conserving energy.  My children are so conscious they go around the house every night at bedtime and unplug everything including the microwave, all tv's and power cords, the computer:  everything is unplugged at night but the Refrigerator and Freezer.  Their love for the environment extends to the creatures that God gave us-both our pets and the wild animals, birds, and fish.  I even have one daughter who is vying to be vegetarian, but that's another story for another day.
Today I would like to share with you McNaughton Incorporated-a product development, manufacturing and marketing company.  They combine ideas that are created internally along with ideas from other people with their own advanced modelling department which allows them to reduce the time and cost of producing prototypes.  The result is that we get to enjoy great, well-made products at an affordable price.

I was blessed to receive their Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Starter Kit-2 pack.

It came with two boxes, one with the parts needed to convert a soda bottle to a bird feeder, and the other had the parts to convert a soda bottle to a bird watering container.

The water bottle was super easy to assemble.  I simply filled the soda bottle with water, screwed on the part with the four square corners on it, put the round cap over that and turned the bottle upside down.  Then I added the mesh sleeve and the hanger to create this great watering bottle for birds.

The Bird feeder bottle was equally easy to assemble.  First I cut a small hole on either side of the bottle about  a half inch from the bottom of the bottle.  It came with a paper funnel so I could pour the bird seed in without spilling it everywhere.  After that, I simply screwed on the feeder cap, turned it upside down, and inserted the handle in the two holes I cut earlier.

These can be bought as a two pack right now on the website for $11 so the price is right, and overall I was pleased.  I did have some "user" issues with the water bottle.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it to stop "suctioning" in when I turned the bottle upside down.  However, I am convinced it is more of a user issue than a manufacturing issue.  (Those who know me personally are laughing now because they know how true that statement can be!)

I went to put them in my tree in the front yard, but I wasn't able to reach the branches.  I will have to wait and have my husband climb on a ladder and put them in the tree for me, so in the mean time I put them on a large stump we have in the front yard in the event any of the birds would like to drink or eat.  Before I could even move far my pet "birds" were up close and personal with the feeders.

As you can see for yourself, they were definitely a hit with some of the "birds," and I am sure the actual flying birds will enjoy both the feeder and the water bottle in the morning. 

Check out the McNaughton Incorporated website, McIncShop for yourself.  They have the cutest items from  Soapy Toes to Window Mini Vases to so many more products!!

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to McNaughton Incorporated for the products  I received to try.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.  Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!    

Monday, March 19, 2012

Organic Beauty with Andalou Naturals!

Andalou Naturals

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I always love sharing a company with a great cause behind it with you my readers, and today I want so share Andalou Naturals with you.  Andalou Naturals combines knowledge and nature to make the best skincare products.  They pride themselves in utilizing fair-trade products, knowing what farms their ingredients come from, and their ingredients are certified 70% or greater organic.  The company name itself means "path of light" which parallels the natural and organic beauty products Andalou Naturals offers!

Also, Andalou Naturals Supports four different charities and for every sell and ever newsletter subscription, they donate $1 to one of these charities!  Additionally 100% of Net proceeds for the sale of  Andalou's Special-edition A Force Of Nature Hand Cream goes to charity!

I was received a package from Andalou Naturals containing the Grapefruit + C Exfoliating Peel to try.  This combines Advanced Fruit Stem Cell Science to renew skin at the cellular level.  It uses Grapefruit Kombucha, Pineapple and Papaya enzymes to loosen and exfoliate dead skin cells, and the Vitamin C promotes healthy cell renewal which helps smooth lines, and brighten skin.

Before picture-no face makeup on my skin

I thought this product was nice. It is very easy to use, just apply, leave on for ten minutes, and then rinse off.  It's recommended to do this 1-3 times a week as needed.  It's a clear serum with just a hint of scent, and I expected it to tingle or burn a bit.  however, it didn't tingle at all.  It did leave my face shiny like it had an egg white masque on it, but without that not so yummy egg white smell!
This is with the Grapefruit + C Exfoliating Peel on, if you look closely you can see the shininess
The end results are lovely.  My face feels so soft and smooth without even putting on any face lotion! The proof is in the pudding or in this case, the picture.

After picture, still without face makeup

You can see for yourself how effective this product is after just one use.  The pictures are ultra candid, all without face makeup, and all in the same lighting in my bathroom.  Look at how smooth my face looks after just one usage, and at $14.95 for a bottle, it is very reasonable!  

Andalou Naturals sells everything from skin and body care to hair care, and I look forward to trying some of their other products since I am so pleased with this one.  I am a huge believer in supporting a great cause, and I can with good conscious support a company who does just that!  

You can find out more for yourself and even purchase products on the Website.  You can also connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter, and sign up for their newsletter (remember they donate a dollar for everyone who signs up to charity!) 

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to Andalou Naturals for the products  I received to try.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.  Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!    

My Anniversary

Today is my Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary to my Wonderful Husband!!!  Two years ago today I completed my life and married the man of my dreams!  My husband is just the most wonderful man in the world and perfect for me.  He is strong, loves the outdoors like I do, takes care of me, makes me a stronger, better person, completes me and is a wonderful father to our children. Even with his flaws, he is perfect for me and I am so thankful for the day I met him and that he chose me!  

He got all my favorites for our anniversary!  Flowers, Ben and Jerry's, Andies, and Ferrero Rocher!!!  The kids were thrilled because of course Mama shared the goodies.