Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simply Lana Review and Giveaway 7/1

Simply Lana

No matter how frequently I wash laundry, I just never seem to have enough clean towels.  This is seems to always be the case in our family of six.  Also, if I happen to get some new towels or wash cloths as I did several weeks ago, someone will get a nose bleed, need to clean up something black and permanent, or clean up a paint craft with permanent paint.  All three of these happened and without asking for assistance, the culprits unknowingly ruined my great towels!  Yes, that is sadness in my voice you hear.   Because of this I have specific towels that I love that are for decoration only or for company. Period.  If you get caught using them, heaven help!

Simply Lana, offers a middle ground in the world of towels.  Ones that are so cute you want to save them for  special company, yet so practical and useful it is impossible not to use them everyday.  It all began when Lana Hall, a Scientist received a present from a friend. It was a circular towel that hung on a center ring, but she wished she had more of them, different colors, and that she could hang them on a towel bar or oven handle as well!  She started experimenting, and before too long, she had a product in great demand!


To facilitate my review I received a yellow Tennis Anyone? towel from Simply Lana.  It is very nicely made with great stitching and has such a cute design on it!  It hangs anywhere from cabinet knobs, my oven handle, even a towel rack in the bathroom.  What I love the most is that the kids can wash/dry their hands, and I can turn the towel and still find a dry spot to dry my hands as well.


I have duly warned all guilty subjects to use this towel only for drying CLEAN hands, not nose bleeds, painting cleanup, or even drying greasy hands from working on my car.  I love that they are only $12 each which is less than most nice towels that I can't even use except on rare occasions!  This one really replaces multiple towels because we get so many uses out of it at one time before laundering.



I would recommend this towel to anyone looking for a great useful towel, and you can see all their super cute styles on the Simply Lana website, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can also win one of your very own!  Simply Lana is offering one of my readers a towel of their own.  All you have to do to enter is to jump on the Rafflecopter!  The more options you complete, the greater your chances of winning.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lovies and Stuffed Animals for All Ages with Aurora & Co!

Aurora and Co

My girls and even my youngest son are always wanting new stuffies of one sort or another.  Additionally, they each have a favorite stuffie they just can't sleep without.  Mika has a bear named Bean and he wears shorts, a Cars shirt and roller skates by day and a cloth diaper at night time since Mika wears cloth diapers.  Suzannah has a cat named William.  Actually, this is William the 3rd since the first two have been loved for so long they are in the infirmary in my closet.   Gracie has a dog holding a heart, and honestly they would rather get a new stuffie than a new toy any day of the week!

When I was contacted about doing a review about a new line of stuffies from Aurora and Co, I  was ecstatic!  I knew this was a perfect review for us!    We received the Toucan to help facilitate our review, and he is super cute!  

He is soft, but has noise makers in him like crinkly paper and is very eye appealing because of all the great colors!  Mika is a little older to be chewing on things, but I think this is soft enough to also be a great toy when babies are teething or in the chewing stage!


Head on over to the Aurora World Website to get in on all the fun.   I promise your kids will love this site!  They have every stuffed animal imaginable!  You can also access them on Facebook and Youtube!

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Aurora &  Co  for the product I received to try. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch and Snack Happy with Premier Organics!

Artisana Organics 

We are not a vegan or meatless family, but I try to incorporate some good protein in my children's diet without having to constantly feed them meat.  Because of this I use peanut butter and nut butters in a variety of ways including smoothies, sandwiches, cookies, etc.

 I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try the Premier Organics brand of a variety of nut butters!  Artisana Organics process their nuts in small batches and adhere to stringent regulations.  All the nuts, seeds, and coconut meat they use is 100% certified organic and hasn't been exposed to pesticides, chemicals or any gmo's!  Additionally they are all-natural with no added sugars, preservatives or artificial flavors which means my family is eating only ingredients that I can pronounce and readily identify!


I was blessed to receive a generous package of butters from Premier Organics including:  Pecan Butter, Cacao Bliss, Macadamia Butter, Almond Butter, Coconut Oil, Walnut Butter, Cashew Butter, and Coconut Butter.    Because we have pecan allergies in the home, I was able to enjoy the pecan butter all by myself!  Of course I didn't complain since pecans are my favorite nut.  I loved this butter because it wasn't completely smooth, and it tasted just like I was eating a pecan.


The Cacao Bliss was enjoyed by two of my children and myself.  Because unprocessed chocolate is rather bitter, and these products are no sugar added, it was a very adult flavor.  I simply added a bit of raw honey to the Cacao Bliss sandwiches I made for the children and they ate it right up.  After trying their sandwiches I decided it was rather tasty with a hint of honey so I have enjoyed it that way on occasion as well!


The other butters were equally tasty, but all others were very smooth when compared to the pecan butter.  Texture aside, each one was like eating the nut itself, including the coconut butter.  They were each tasty in their own way and very healthy for us!

I would recommend Artisana Organics to anyone asking, and although they are pricey when compared to plain peanut butter, they are in a class of their own and deserve the price attached!  Because they are organic and natural they receive the My Wild Crazy Life Seal of Approval!

Head on over to Artisana Organics to read more about their butter varieties and even find a place to purchase them as well!  You can also access them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Artisana Organics  for the product I received to try. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!

Take care of your skin this summer with Systeme 41 Giveaway

Systeme 41 Review/Giveaway

Systeme 41 was developed by a team of doctors with over 80 years combined experience!  This team of doctors is headed by Dr. Janet Zand and Dr. David Wood whose primary goal is to create a 100% natural skin care line that has the ability to rejuvenate skin and make it feel and look years younger. The end result  is a line of skin care products that are Paraben Free, Gluten-Free, No artificial colors or fragrances, no chemicals or acids, cruelty-free, and no mineral oil.  The bottom line is these are safe, natural products that I would feel safe using on my children although I cherish it for myself! Also, Systeme 41 comes with a 100% guarantee that if you don't see a difference in your skin, that they will reimburse your money, even if you are at the bottom of the bottle.  I don't know many companies that have such a complete guarantee, do you?

Systeme 41 product line includes everything from Creme's, Masques, Cleansers, and Eye Treatments, and I received the Revitalizing Eye Treatment to try.  I love  the bottle design because it is a pump bottle that you can screw open and shut every time you use it.  This is very important as the mother of a toddler so that I don't lose my precious cream.   It is white (no dyes), scent free, and although I have very sensitive skin I have never experienced a rash or breakout.    It only takes a small dab on each eye two times a day, and is super easy and quick to use.

You can find out more for yourself about the company and even purchase products right on the Systeme 41 website and stay socially connected on Facebook for all the latest and greatest happenings at Systeme 41.

The great news is that Systeme 41 has generously offered one of my readers the opportunity to win the same Revitalizing Eye Treatment ARV $44.95!  All you have to do to enter is jump on the Rafflecopter and complete one or more entries!  The more options you complete, the more chances you will have to win.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight and Review: Tropical Traditions!

Tropical Traditions Canadian Raw Honey 

You know by now that one of my favorite companies is Tropical Traditions.  They sell everything from green/eco-friendly laundry detergent, virgin coconut oil, beauty products, grass-fed meat, different grain products, and Canadian Raw Honey.  Their nutrition and health values align with the the life I am trying to lead and teach my children so they definitely have the My Wild Crazy Life Seal of approval.

I have been blessed to review their Gold Label Coconut Oil and host a couple of giveaways in the past, and now I am blessed with some Tropical Traditions Canadian Raw Honey to facilitate my review and Sponsor Spotlight.

For as long as I can remember I have preferred honey over sugar.  Even as a child I remember multiple times enjoying a cup of warm tea with honey with my father's aunt, eating it on Mama's homemade corn bread, and using it for many other things including ginseng and sassafras tea that my father made from the roots he found while "hunting" herbs and mushrooms for us to eat.

This honey which is certified organic is raised in the frontier parts of Canada miles away from any sort of industry, traffic or population and is only harvested during a six week period of the year.  This is unique because most honey today comes from honey farms where flowers, clover and other things are planted for bees to pollinate, but the plants are often raised with fertilizer.    Additionally, Canadian Raw Honey is never heated beyond temperatures that are inside the hive so that the honey is the look and consistency of margarine.

Organic Raw Honey from Canada photo
The honey itself is a creamy white color rather than the brown honey that is sold in the "bear" in the grocery store.  Rather than being a runny consistency it is thick and creamy, and I had to use a knife to get some the same as I would if I were trying to get some butter.  It is incredibly soft and smooth though, and smears evenly over a warm piece of toast without ripping it a bit.  It has a wonderful flavor, and even goes well in my coffee!

It tastes like any honey I have eaten before, but I know where it came from, that it passes strict organic rules, and that it is just good for my family to eat.  It's only $12.99 a pint which is what honey from any local farm costs, so I am sold on this product!

Also, Tropical Traditions is the best place to get Virgin Coconut Oil!  You can find literally hundreds of other uses for coconut oils, and you can see some of them here watching this video.

I love cooking with the Gold Label Virigin Coconut Oil, and I really think you are going to love it as much as I do! I simply use it as a replacement for all other oils for my hair, cooking, smoothies, and it even works miracles as a diaper rash preventative and doesn't harm cloth diapers.

Gold Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Win 1 gallon of  Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!
Tropical Traditions is America's source for coconut oil. Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is hand crafted in small batches by family producers, and it is the highest quality coconut oil they offer. You can read more about how virgin coconut oil is different from other coconut oils on their website: What is Virgin Coconut Oil? You can also watch the video they produced about Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil:

Tropical Traditions also carries other varieties of affordable high quality coconut oil. Visit their website to check on current sales, to learn about the many uses of coconut oil, and to read about all the  advantages of buying coconut oil online. Since the FDA does not want us to discuss the health benefits of coconut oil on a page where it is being sold or given away, here is the best website to read about the health benefits of coconut oil.

 So go ahead and check them out at the Tropical Traditions websiteFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.

Tropical Traditions has graciously offered one of my readers some Canadian Raw Honey of their own, and you just have to go to this post to enter!

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Tropical Traditions. for the product(s) I received to facilitate this review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when making decisions on purchasing something.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight & Review Kor Hydration Vessel

Kor Water Vessel Review and Sponsor Spotlight

We drink a lot of water at our home just because of how good it is for the body.  I also can't complain about expense when we are drinking water, so it really is a great thing all around.  Additionally, my husband likes to take a thermos of water to work so he can drink it when he gets thirsty.  We know how refreshing our well water tastes compared to city water, especially with our filter, so he prefers to carry his own in to work.

Kor offers a selection of water vessels to suit almost any need.  Their mission is to protect and preserve water because it is a fundamental in life.  They help with everything from ocean protection, global water crisis, watershed protection, and container recycling!  They give back to various causes, and are just a charitable organization in general.

KOR Aura (750 mL)
I received a Kor Aura Hydration Vessel in order to assist with my review.  I was very thrilled because it came right at the time my husband received notice that rules at work were changing.  They can no longer bring in any restaurant bought food, and their lunch box and water vessel must be clear.  The Kor Aura Hydration Vessel definitely meets this requirement.

It comes in clear black, clear pink, clear blue or clear green, holds 750 ml, and is BPA free!  It has an ergonomic shape to it so to make it easier for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel, has a hygienic spout so that the area you drink from is always protected by the cap when you aren't drinking from it, and the spout itself is large enough to hold large ice cubes, yet still helps prevent splashing!


I have to admit I actually grudgingly gave my husband this vessel because it is so cool.  I love the color, love the feel of it, and yes, I love how the spout feels on my lips.   The price is right too at right under $15 for this vessel, so it is definitely something I would recommend to others.  They also carry several other vessels to choose from and  they even sell Eboost and Nuun which can be added to your water!

You can grab a Kor Hydration Vessel of your very own or read more about their charitable causes on the website as well as Facebook and Twitter.  I am thrilled to tell you that Kor has graciously offered one My Wild Crazy Life Reader a Kor Aura Hydration Vessel of their very own! You can enter the Giveaway here!

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Kor  for the product(s) I received to facilitate this review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when making decisions on purchasing something.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kindle Fire FREE Blogger Event

, Literary Addicts has teamed up with Promotional Book Tours and 10 authors  to celebrate it's Grand Opening and they are giving away a Kindle Fire giveaway between 6/15-6/29. They are looking for bloggers to join the celebration and help promote the giveaway and it is free to sign up! You will get 1 free link to either Facebook or Twitter added to the Rafflecopter form for committing to post the giveaway on June 15. You can get a second free link in exchange for posting about the blogger sign up (like what I'm doing now). You may sign up by filling out the form here. Non-bloggers, please mark you calender and come back to enter the giveaway next Friday! 

$50 Sweet Summer Cash Blast

How About Free is hosting a great Summer Cash Blast and $50 Cash is up for grabs in the winner's choice of Paypal or gift card!  All you have to do to enter is to complete one or more of the options on the Rafflecopter, and do remember the more options you complete, the greater your chances of winning $50!!!