Friday, June 29, 2012

Take Beauty Rest to a Whole New Level with Sleep'n Beauty

Years ago, a friend of mine was telling me about how she uses a silk pillowcase to sleep with, and how much she loved it.  She was a little older than my mother, got her hair done at the salon once a week, and apparently she loved how nicely her hair kept all week long sleeping on silk compared to a regular pillow case.  I didn't think much of it then, but now that my hair is curly and takes me over an hour to blow dry straight and flat iron, I am interested in any product that will allow me to get more than a day out of my style.

Additionally, I have recently been reading up on the wonderful effects that silk has on skin and aging, and my curiosity was more than piqued!  Sleep 'N Beauty offers elegant, gorgeous 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases in the most beautiful packaging!  Plastic Surgeons have been able for years to tell people what side of the bed they sleep on based on the lines on their face, and it is those sleep lines that become permanent wrinkles.  Now with this pillowcase, you can kiss bed head good bye and banish wrinkles all while getting your beauty sleep!
I was blessed to receive a Sleep 'N Beauty a 100% Silk Pillowcase in an elegant gift box to facilitate my review.  The box is truly more beautiful than it can ever come out in pictures.   I love sleeping on this pillow case for several reasons:  it is anti-aging,  no more creased skin in the mornings, hypo-allergenic, and my hair looks amazing in the mornings.  Sadly for me, my wonderful husband has found this case and claimed it for his own.  We finally agreed to share it, and on the 3-5 nights he works a week (depends on the week), I get to sleep on my great pillow case.  He gets the other nights which is a true testament of my love for him since I don't want to share this awesome case!

You can read more about these pillowcases on the Sleep 'N Beauty website, Facebook, and Twitter.   

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Sleep 'N Beauty for the products I received to try. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase

Dairy Free Goodness with Sunsational!

Because of the milk allergies in our home, we are always trying out new non-dairy beverages to either drink or put on cereal.  There are a couple of brands that I would consider staples and ones that we buy all the time, but we are always trying others in the search for that perfect non-dairy  beverage.

Sunsational a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, and peanut free beverage made from fresh roasted sunflower seeds grown in the US.  It is packed full of antioxidants, Vitamin A, and it is made in a nut free facility so there is no chance of cross contamination.


I received a package containing the Original Sunsational and the Vanilla Sunsational to help me with my review.  The first noticeable difference between Sunsational and other non-dairy products is the color.  Sunsational is a tan color while other products are white.  This is due to the Vitamin A in the milk and is just a sign of yummy goodness!  


Sunsational has a taste all of it's own.  It tastes just like sunflower seeds, in my opinion.  I first tried it in my coffee as a cream replacement, and while it was good, I think it is best served cold and just as it is!  The Original Sunsational actually was the children's favorite, and they drank it for supper two nights in a row.  They all agreed that it was tasty, even though it was "weird" to drink sunflowers!


The children didn't care much for the Vanilla Sunsational which I thought was silly because it obviously tastes better!  So, I got to enjoy the whole quart myself in my coffee every morning!  My overall experience with this milk is that it is very tasty, and I love the additional healthiness of this milk compared to others.


You can find out more about this milk on the Sunsational website, Facebook, and buy it on Amazon.  

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Sunsational  for the products I received to try. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase

Free Blogger Michelle B Cookware Event

The Michelle B. Cookware Event hosted by Mom to Bed by 8 is now open to bloggers!

This is a free event if you make a blog post or $3 a link.  The prize is a  Michelle B. 10-Piece Induction Ready Forged Aluminum Cookware Set ARV $199.  This giveaway is open to US Residents or any other blogs that have a majority US readership.  
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

laabn social haircare!

Around Christmas time last year I stumbled upon what might be my favorite hair products ever.  They are definitely in my top 3 favorites because of results.  laabn social haircare created by Adam Martin represents some really great causes!  After being inspired by a local teen center and "Oprah's Big Give,"  Adam combined business model with charitable giving.  

The bottles themselves are named for the exact dollar amount that will be given to charity.   For example, if I use a bottle of  "3" shampoo, then 3 dollars of my purchase goes to a charity.    Even better, there are multiple charities on the website, and YOU get to choose which charity gets your donation.   

I was so pumped when laabn contacted me a couple of weeks back about my hair.  I got to explain my exact issues,  and they sent me products which are geared towards my specific hair needs.  Isn't that so cool?  I received a bottle of the 1 Oil Treatment and the 3 Toner for my hair to help with the frizz and my split ends.


The 1 Oil Treatment just smells amazing.  Period.  If this product didn't do anything at all to help my hair, I would still buy it just because my hair smells so great!  However, it is doing a great job adding shine, controlling frizz, and smoothing my hair.  It's an actual bottle containing Maracuja, Brazil Nut, and Buriti oils which I pour in my hand and apply to wet hair focusing on the hair from my ears down.  I also use it in a lesser amount as a smoother when I am done styling my hair.

The 3 Toner is sprayed on liberally before styling and it adds volume and adds a thermal protection while blow drying.  I already had some 3 cleanse which I have been using with the other two products, and my hair looks the best it has looked in 3 years.  I can blow dry it out straight now, and while it still has a lot of volume, the frizz level is almost gone!

I would recommend these products to anyone, because they work equally great on my daughters' hair and one has very straight, course, thick hair,  while the other has whispy thin hair.  You can find out more about these and other great products at the laabn website and on Facebook.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to laabn social haircare  for the products I received to try. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Ounce of Chocolate a Day with Righteously Raw and Earth Source Organics

I read a long time ago that an ounce of high quality dark chocolate a day is really good for the body because of all the antioxidants in it.  I didn't really feel the need to research this statement because I was immediately sold on this idea.  Hey, I love chocolate, I want to eat it as frequently as possible without feeling guilty, so I will believe an ounce a day is good for me.  Of course, they aren't talking about the sugar laden bars in the checkout line of the Supermarket.  I have never quite reached my goal of eating chocolate every day, and I am lucky if I eat actual chocolate once or twice a month even though I aspire to more chocolate!

Righteously Raw Chocolates owned by Earth Source Organics began when Audrey Darrow, an 8 year breast cancer survivor began a mission to learn more about healthy, high frequency foods and educate others about them. High frequency foods are naturally foods that are "unblemished" by processing and chemicals.  Earth Source Organics has a Certified Organic and Certified Vegan/Kosher facility where products are manufactured and packaged.

I was blessed to receive a package containing Raw Coconut Macaroons, Divine Mint, Pure Dark, and Synergy Spice chocolate to facilitate my review.  Let me explain that this is different than the chocolate most people are used to eating.  It has very little sugar in it, and the ingredients are raw and really good for you.  These are what I like to call "adult" chocolates because my kids wouldn't appreciate how great they are, or even the taste yet.  That's wonderful for me though, because Mama can enjoy chocolate by herself!

The Raw Coconut Macaroons are filled with raw sun-dried coconut covered in a yummy coating of raw cacao boasting a mere 5 g of sugar per serving!  When it comes to chocolate candy, coconut is my favorite, so I was truly in coconut heaven with this!


The Divine Mint is a bite sized chocolate containing 82% raw cacao, and is simply delightful.  Bite-sized is a bit misleading since I got at least 5 bites out of each bite sized candy bar!

The Pure Dark contains 83% pure cacao, and is exactly what it's name tells you it is.  Pure, decadent chocolate!.  Lastly, I received the Synergy Spice which contains 80% cacao.  I didn't read the label before eating it and was surprised at how hot it was.  The "spice" in the name is due to the cayenne they put in it!  I absolutely love a spicy hot chocolate, so this was just so good after I got over my initial surprise.

Righteously Raw Chocolates are perfect for anyone to enjoy because they are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, antioxidant rich, soy and allergen free, contain no GMO's or refined sugars.   I would recommend these to anyone, and they are a great way to amp up your chocolate intake with health!  You can find out more about them and the different varieties on the Righteously Raw website or Facebook.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Righteously Raw Chocolates and Earth Source Organics  for the products I received to try. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway @ Oh My Gosh Beck!

This is one of my dreams!  Even the color is perfect because the only way to best describe me is Pinkalicious!  I love me some pink!  Anyways, back to how you can win one, because I know without asking you really, really want one!   Easy Dough, has partnered with Oh My Gosh Beck to giveaway one of these fabulous machines in the color of your choice!  So head on over HERE and get your entries on!

Group Giveaway Blogger Op!! Come join in the fun!

On July 6th there will be a 10 Book Group Giveaway!
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Entertain Beautifully with Core Bamboo!!

My design tastes have definitely evolved over the past 7 years or so.  Before that we were on staff at a church, and I was entertaining more than once a week.  All of my serve ware was china and crystal, and while I loved my friends, I don't miss all the china and crystal!  Now we entertain several times a month, and my tastes are more practical, but no less beautiful now. I am into a more rustic look, upcycled, crafty items, and bamboo.  I love these sorts of items because they are so beautiful, yet welcoming.  It's a practical, whimsical take on tableware that just makes more sense at this point in my life, and I wonder what took me so long to discover it!

Core Bamboo is the manufacturer and retailer of the world's finest bamboo products such as bowls, serving tools, cutting boards, and many other items.  These items are made in an ethical and responsible way, and are made from 100% organically grown bamboo.  They are finished with a lacquer made from natural cashew trees, and whenever possible they use recycled and eco-friendly packaging!


I was blessed to receive the Flower Bowl Lime with Classic Salad Hands Light to facilitate my review.  The Flower Bowl is handcrafted to show of the lovely bamboo and the lime exterior is achieved with cashew nut trees.  It is perfect for salads, pasta salads, fruit bowl, nut bowl, or even to serve chips in.


The Salad Hands are an attractive, unique way to toss and serve salad. They fit perfectly into my hands, and the kids love being able to "grab" the salad themselves!  I use the bowl and hands all the time for everything from salad, lettuce for taco night, or even to grab the grated cabbage for culturing sauerkraut!


These pieces are so lovely, yet practical that I would recommend them to anyone.  I love them so much, I  have my eye on a bamboo cutting board to add to my bamboo collection next.  


Head on over to Core Bamboo, Facebook, and Twitter to check them out for yourself!

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Core Bamboo for the products I received to try. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255. Please do your own due diligence when deciding to purchase!

Nikon D3100 DSLR Giveaway!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

And The Winner Is....

I can't tell you how much I am loving all the great deals at yhoti.  I can earn cash back while shopping online for things I already need.  For example, if I access Khols, Sears, or Target today via the yhoti website, I earn 2% off of all my purchases.  For shopping at KMart, I earn back 3%, and my son has yet again outgrown his sandals, so I can take advantage of the 4% back TEVA is offering today!

I am not someone who loves going shopping. When I shop it is with a mission because I hate taking 4 kids into a crowded store.  Now, I can shop any time of day, and I am actually enjoying it!  I think you will too, especially when you start seeing the rewards you can gather just by shopping for things you already need!

So head on over to the yhoti website-your home for fashion,  and check out what other great deals are going on today, afterall, there are over 300 stores available to shop at!

I am happy to announce that we had right over 500 entries in the yhoti $50 Gift Card giveaway!  It is your support and love that send us the awesome sponsors and prizes that we have!  I know you are tired of waiting, so here you go.  The winner is:  Katie R   who has been contacted and I am awaiting her confirmation!  

$900 Phur LoveSac Free Blogger Opportunity!

The LoveSac CitySac Package Event is a free blogger event. You can gain one free link as a thank you for participating! The prize is a $900 Cow Phur CitySac Package open to the US from July 3-24. You don't have to be a US blogger to participate, but you have to have 50% US-based readership.

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Dyson Free Blogger Opportunity

The Dyson DC24 Cleaner Home Giveaway Event hosted by Mom Powered Media: Iowa-MomPowered by Mom and Real Mom Reviews is now open to bloggers!
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lashem Giveaway 7/8

As Cicero said "The eyes, like sentinels, hold the highest place in the body."  For me personally the eyes are one of the first things I notice in a person.  They tell me volumes about a person in one glance, and since they are truly the mirror to the soul, they are a hugely important part of a person's appearance.  

I have always taken great care to showcase my eyes, and even if it is a day that I don't need to wear makeup I always at least wear mascara to highlight them.  I can go from drab to fab in less than 2 minutes with just some simple mascara.  However, my biggest wish has always been that I have longer lashes.  My eyes are beautiful, yes, but they would be amazing with longer lashes.

I have discovered a great solution to my eye lash wish that really works:  Lashem.   Lashem was developed to help everyday women, both working and Stay-at-home-mothers, keep their youthful glow.  Their line of beauty products are natural, safe, and help control the signs of aging without drastic surgical changes.


I was blessed to receive a Double Trouble Lash Mascara from Lashem to facilitate my review.  


It is a long tube of mascara containing both lengthening and volume enhancing mascaras.  


It was easy to use, simply put on the volume mascara first, then follow up with the lengthening mascara.  The results are immediate, and I love my eyes!

I would recommend Lashem Double Trouble Lash Mascara to anyone looking to add a little length to their eye lashes without using fake eyelashes!   You can find out more about this product as well as the other lines of Lashem products on their website, Facebook or Twitter.  

Lashem has generously offered a Lashem Double Trouble Lash Mascara for one of my lucky readers to win!  Entry is simple:  complete one or more of the options on the Rafflecopter and respond back to the winning email within 48 hours to confirm your win!  Happy Entering!