Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Make your Holiday's Greener with Reusies Giveaway 12/10


You know by now that I support a greener lifestyle, and I try to do anything that I can contribute to a better planet.   Everyone thinks of using reusable bottles, containers and packaging for lunches, or at least they should, but I am unsure if anyone thinks about it during the Holiday Season.

With the Holidays comes lots of cooking, desserts, candies, cookies, and so many more tasty things!   I know during a party you either put them in a super classy rubber container from Walmart or on a gorgeous piece of china depending on your style.  But where do you put the leftovers?

I am sure about 76% or more said in a zippy bag, but I have a much better way that will eliminate about 100 billion or so bags being thrown into our landfills!  Whoah, baby!  That's a  trashy situation for sure!  I have a better way that is not only better for our earth, it's a whole lot easier on my pocket book in the long run, too. (For those of you not from the South, pocket book=purse!)

Reusies reusable snack bags are pretty awesome.  You can use them literally hundreds of times.  They have a hook and loop closure.  Alright, since not all of you are into cloth diapering, I want to explain that hook and loop is simply a velcro closure.  You can either wash them by hand, in the dishwasher, washer and dryer, or not wash them at all which is pretty yuck, so please wash them in between uses!


They have a ton of prints to choose from. Okay, maybe they have a dozen or so, but the point is, there is a print for every member of your family!  There are also different sizes for different needs!  I personally think that Reusies make a cute stocking stuffer to remind people to be stylish and green at the same time!


Check out all the different styles on the Reusit website, and you can learn more on Facebook and Twitter.  Now, for the awesome news!  You can win a set of two bags of your very own!  Just jump on the Rafflecopter and hover over the entries!

Keep Energized During Holiday Shopping with Pure Bliss Organics

How many of you shopped until you dropped on Black Friday?  Better yet, how many were out at 8 pm on Thanksgiving to get all of those super deals so you can keep some sort of budget during the Holidays?  First of all, I wasn't.  I hate shopping in crowds, but for you who were, I bet you got hungry, huh?

Let me guess, you either grabbed a candy bar, bag of chips, or got in that enormously long line in the drive-thru to grab a snack and kept on trucking shopping.  Come on, you know at least half of you are guilty!  And, hey, there's nothing wrong with a little junk food now and again, but surely that wasn't the best snack the day after buffeting your body with a huge spread of Thanksgiving food!


 .  While I sit at home in the warmth of my house because I am all done shopping, those of you still in the shopping rat race are going to need some energy, and I got your back!  Pure Bliss Organics has some pretty snazzy snacks.  They offer granola, energy bars, energy bites, and gourmet nuts.  If the name didn't give you a clue, they are completely organic, gluten-free and vegan, so my dog didn't even have to hide his eyes while I noshed on a super tasty Naughty but Nice Bar!


I liked the granola, the energy bites, and the energy bar, and I even sucked it up buttercup and tried the nuts although I almost chipped a tooth and ended up nursing a sore mouth. (Nuts seem to hate me, so I rarely eat them although they tasted fabulous)!  These are just perfect for everything from healthier snacking on the run to a yummy treat in Junior's lunch box.  So head on over to the Pure Bliss website and check out the different varieties they offer.  Don't forget to check them out on Facebook or Twitter so you don't miss out on any Holiday Promotions they might sneakily post!

Disclaimer:  I received one or more of the items listed in the above post for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are honest.  The opinions expressed in this post are solely the property of My Wild Crazy Life Blog.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Bring a little Warmth to the Holiday with Oregon Chai Giveaway 12/3!


I am a total sucker for a creamy, whole milk chai latte.  This mama that has to shop at every place in town to make sure she gets something at the lowest price possible doesn't bat an eye at shelling out a Lincoln for this decadent beverage of choice.  Don't start preaching, I know, I spend way too much on a coffee house drink, but a girl has to have a few pleasures in life, and this is one of them!


I have to tell you, though, that with four kids and a husband I can't be dropping too many $$ on drinks, or I will be in the poor house.  I want to share with you my solution which happens to be the absolute favorite chai brand I have ever tried:  Oregon Chai.  I am serious about this being my favorite, or as the Kardashians say "it's Bible."

I can remember the first swallow I ever had of this drink from heaven.  Yes, I believe there is chai in heaven, you can have whatever you want, but I am definitely sipping chai on the front porch of my mansion, specifically Oregon Chai!  I won a sweepstakes last Christmas season which included a nifty mug and Oregon Chai Concentrate.  One sip and I was hooked.


I would rather have this brand at home than several other brands which are sold at a way higher price in the coffee shop.  When I was compiling my Holiday Gift Guide list this year, I knew I had to add Oregon Chai to it, because I want you to enjoy them as much as I do!  The balance of cardamom and other spices combined with, a spoonful of raw, organic honey, and the creaminess of the whole milk (or skim milk and organic agave nectar as I have been enjoying this year) is just to die for.

This is absolutely the perfect non-alcoholic beverage to add to any party or dinner you are hosting this year.  It's cold outside, so adding a hot beverage just makes sense and this adds a richness and comfort that we are all craving during the cold months.  Also, if you go caroling as the children from our church do every year, this is a perfect adult addition to the hot cocoa and hot cider they serve when the children return.

Did I mention it's perfect for gifting?  Of course it is!  My mother is one of those people that would rather give than receive.  She's a horrible receiver, but I have learned over the years if I get her a treat like candy or tea that she wouldn't normally purchase for herself, she get's genuinely excited!  I personally love the premixed Original Chai Tea Concentrate the best, but I also like the Original Chai tea bags a lot as well.  Oh, and they even have a nice Dreamscape version that is soothing for bedtime. I tried this one night, and I passed right out.  Okay, I always pass right out from exhaustion, but it was soothing!

The bottom line is you have to try this.  Well, you don't have to, but you don't know what you are missing out on if you don't!  So, skedaddle on over to Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don't miss out on any promotions they have going on, and don't forget to check out the wide variety of products and recipes Oregon Chai has listed on the website!

Now, for the fantastic news.  Oregon Chai has graciously offered a Chai Sampler prize pack to THREE of my lovely readers, so hop on the Rafflecopter to enter to win!

Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Stocking Stuffers and Gifts with Piczzle Giveaway 12/3!


Remember how we were talking a while back about how Grandma doesn't want any more tchotchkes for Christmas?  Turns out she wants puzzles!  At least ours does.  My husband has been buying Grandma B. (his grandmother) 5 or so new puzzles every year for Christmas for WAY longer than I have known him.  He chooses everything from beautiful, hard, unique, 3D, and more.

So when I was given the opportunity to review a custom made jigsaw puzzle from Piczzle, I jumped on the opportunity. I know one puzzle Grandma doesn't have and definitely needs to add to her collection:  three of her great-grandchildren!

Piczzle offers a selection of both cardboard and wooden puzzles in several designs.  You can upload any picture you like and they will make it into a puzzle containing anywhere from 6 to 2000 pieces.  We went with a mid range puzzle since I have a short attention span and 2000 pieces sounded like it would take me an eternity!  I am sure Grandma is down with that many pieces, but this mama wants easier!

We loved the puzzle and it is  super cute, accentuated by 3 of my favorite faces! It makes a great stocking stuffer or present!  What grandparent wouldn't love a great puzzle with their darling's photo on it?  Also, this is a great way to display beautiful landscape pictures you took on vacation.  You can enjoy putting the puzzle together over and over or you can matte it and frame it!
You can see more examples of photo puzzles at Piczzle, and Facebook has all the latest promotions! You can also win a small cardboard puzzle of your very own to keep or gift.  Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter to enter!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Ear Buds Designed for Women by yurbuds!


For years now I have been searching for the perfect set of ear buds.  I know it sounds a bit silly, but most ear buds pop right out of my ears because they are too big.  Nothing is more annoying than to get in a good walking stride to my awesome beats and bam, ear bud is now dangling, and I can't hear a thing.  Turns out there are a lot of women with this problem, and of course I have the answer!

yurbuds Sport Earphones bring innovation to the ear phone world.  They literally twist and lock into place inside your ear so you never lose your ear buds again!  These ear buds are super soft and comfy made out of   flexible silicone!

Here's the bottom line of it all.  They are perfect for any work out conditions because they are waterproof.  In other words, Mother Nature's sense of humor otherwise known as hot flashes won't affect these babies!  They have good sound quality, and the Inspire Pro features a dry mic if you want to use them with your iPhone.  How  cool is that?

Lastly, and one of my favorite features the Inspire Duro has cords never get wound up because they feature a wire cord wrapped in cloth.  I can't tell you the countless times I have spent 10 minutes or more unwinding ear bud cords, but no more.  These people were definitely thinking of my needs when making these ear buds!

You can find the entire line of Inspire ear buds at the yurbuds website, and the Inspire for Women by yurbuds are sold exclusively at Target or  Don't forget to check out their informative videos on You Tube, and they have some interesting fitness information and inspiration on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclaimer:  I received one or more of the items listed in the above post for review purposes.  I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions stated are honest, unbiased, and solely the opinion or My Wild Crazy Life Blog.