Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stay attuned to UV Rays Even on Cloudy Days with Sunny BeadZ

It's no secret that I am from a long line of Irish.  With that comes some wonderful things, and some things that might not seem so wonderful. For example two of my children have the palest skin imaginable, and one of them has a million freckles and blond hair that highlights a beautiful strawberry color in the sun.

We always have to use 100 SPF, and even then these poor children burn after being in the sun for an hour.  While we are all susceptible to the damages of  UV rays, it can be really bad for people with really fair skin.


The makers of Sunny Sleevez has created a stylish color changing jewelry, Sunny Beadz which features color changing beads.   What is unique about them in my opinion is that these beads are only based on UV rays, not temperature.  What does this mean?  That you are alerted to the cancer causing UV rays even on cloudy days when the UV rays are often higher than on sunny days.

We received a super cute pink and white bracelet for review purposes, and I was amazed at how quickly it changes colors upon going outside!  So this bracelet definitely does everything it says it's going to, all while being really cute!


You can check out more products on the Sunny Sleevez website, and don't forget to follow them on Facebook so you can stay abreast of all their latest promotions!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hugo Naturals Soaps, The Perfect Present or Stocking Stuffer 12/17!

I have always been a sucker when it comes to all natural hand made soaps.  I just love the smell of an infused bar of natural soap.  It seriously tickles my toes!   I was happy, really I was.  Until. Now.  I recently discovered that I can enjoy the same hand crafted soaps that are gorgeous and artistic as well.


I had no idea.  I think I may have cracked a permanent window in the rock I live under, because I have no intentions of going back to a plain white bar of soap.  Ever.  Hugo Naturals began as hand crafted soaps made out of all natural ingredients and then  sold at the local farmers market.  You know when you hear that how awesome their products are.  Funny how all the greatest products were created in someone's kitchen!


On top of offering great soaps, body products, shampoos and more, Hugo Naturals also believes in giving back to more than a few charities and causes!  Let me get this straight, all natural soaps, beautiful, and part of my money goes to support charity?  Sold!


They have the loveliest selection of Seasonal items such as Christmas Light Soaps, the Snowflake Soaps, the Holiday Cupcake Fizzy Bath Bombs, the Holiday Hand Sanitizer in Vanilla & Peppermint and our Holiday Duo Winter Retreat for Hands in Vanilla & Peppermint.  You can see from the pictures how gorgeous they are, and how fun. 


These soaps are the perfect items for visiting guests to use, the bathroom during Holiday parties, and of course they are just the perfect gift and stocking stuffer.  I am having company for the Holidays so I am going to take a couple of these soaps and add them to a gift basket of items they may need while visiting such as toothpaste, toothbrush, and other necessities.


The Fizzy Bath Bombs are the size of a regular cupcake!  Such a luxury to add to your bath after a long day working or shopping!  One lucky reader is going to win a Holiday Gift set including Christmas Light Soaps, the Snowflake Soaps, the Holiday Cupcake Fizzy Bath Bombs, the Holiday Hand Sanitizer in Vanilla & Peppermint and our Holiday Duo Winter Retreat for Hands in Vanilla & Peppermint, ARV $60!

You can also see their other numerous products on the Hugo Naturals website, Facebook, Twitter, and watch what different news stations have to say about Hugo Naturals on Youtube!  

How to Enter my Giveaways

I have been meaning to write this post for a while, and today is the perfect day to share with you.  I believe there is some confusion about how to enter my giveaways, so I am going to explain.

1.  How to Enter my Giveaways:  The mandatory entries are NOT optional, and if you click that you did it and did not, your entries don't count.  The Sponsors are generously offering their money and prizes for my readers to win and enjoy, and it really isn't asking too much to take a minute to either check out a website or follow them depending on which option the Sponsor requests.  In my opinion this is the way we can show our gratitude to the Sponsors, and I love this choice of mandatory entry.  On rare occasions there are two mandatory entries which I will explain in number two.  If there are two mandatory entries, you  MUST  complete BOTH options for your entries to count.  Otherwise, when I am moderating I will have to get rid of the ones that are incomplete, half done, or just skipped.  No exceptions.

2.  The reason for Two Mandatory Entries:  Sometimes, I am trying to get a prize to the winner before a Holiday and in that case I will add a second mandatory which is to go ahead and give me your name and address.  This is always for shipping purposes only and to expedite the shipping process.  Usually, I give the winner 48 hours to confirm their win and give me their shipping address.  However, for example, with Christmas coming up soon, if I want a prize to get to you before Christmas I may ask for your information in the Rafflecopter so that don't have to wait 48 hours to give your info to the Sponsor to Ship.  I rarely utilize this option; however, it is necessary during  certain times of the year.

3.  How to unlock the optional entries:  There are never more than 2 mandatory entries.  Once you complete them and click the button on the Rafflecopter confirming, other entries will be unlocked.  You do not have to complete these entries in order to be entered to win.  However, the more options you complete the greater your odds of winning.  It's simple math.  If Jane completes 50 entries, and Peggy completes 5 the odds are in Jane's favor.  It's not definite that Jane will win, but it is probable that she will.  My personal experience with entering blog giveaways is that I tend to win more frequently if I come back every day to complete daily options for more entries.

4.  You must give me all the information I request:  For example, if I ask for a link to your tweet, I need this information to confirm your entries.  If I don't have the information, I will throw out that entry.  It can literally take several hours to moderate all the entries, and much longer if there are a lot of entries in a giveaway.  The extra time I would need to come up with the information I need takes time away from my family and children, so please help a busy blogging mom out and give me what I need :)

5.  I confirm ALL entries: I try to keep my blog a happy place to come visit, so I hate hammering the rules.  However, I do confirm all entries.  I have on multiple occasions had Rafflecopter select a winner, but upon moderating their entries found them to either be incomplete or down right cheating.  Every time I have to re-select a winner, because it's elementary folks:  no one likes a cheater!

6.  How are Winner's Selected:  Rafflecopter utilizes to select the winners.  I have no way of choosing who wins my giveaways.  I simply click a button and the computer system runs through the entries and randomly lands on one.  This is the most unbiased way to select, and frankly, I like not knowing who is selected!

7.  Rules of Entry:  Entry is one per household/18 years old and older.  You may enter each individual giveaway one time other than the daily entries such as Tweeting.  This is one entry per IPS, EMAIL ADDRESS, and Person.  I moderate all three, and the bottom of the Rafflecopter states the rules.

8.  What happens if I have a repeat offender:  I am hoping this never happens.  However, if I find someone entering from multiple email accounts but the same IPS address (it's one per household) or someone who says they completed options but did not such as comment, then I will bring this to their attention the first time.  If it becomes a repeat problem, I reserve the right to ban a person from entering my giveaways, but I really want this to be fun and not be necessary.  It's never happened before, so let's work together to prevent it from happening!

I appreciate every one of my lovely readers, and I love for you to return often and enter the giveaways!  Hey, it's your visits that keep the Sponsors working with this blog!  So let's just follow the rules and it will be a great experience for all!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Diet Doc Review

It's no secret that I have been working hard to lose weight for the last 4+ months, and my husband is working on toning down and bulking his muscle.  I know that sounds like an odd combo, but his doctor is advising him on how to do it.  I am working hard to help him keep his meals low calorie, yet high in protein.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to try out Diet Doc, I thought this would be a perfect solution for him.  Diet Doc follows the HCG principal which I had heard of before but really didn't know much about.  What is HGC?  HCG is the hormone that rises rapidly during pregnancy.  The concept is that even malnourished pregnant women can deliver healthy babies because the HCG mobilizes fat stores to nourish the baby.

This concept is now used for weight loss.  People are taking HCG and combining it with a 500 calorie a day diet and seeing awesome results.  While neither of us opted to go on a 500 calorie a day diet, my husband did see some impressive results the week that he ate the Diet Doc soup.  He lost around seven lbs by combining his workout with a lower calorie diet, and of course eating the soup as his mainstay.

We tried the Diet Doc Hot & Sour soup, and while it isn't exact to the soup you eat at your local Chinese restaurant, it is very delicious which surprised me for something so low in fat.  I had to add a few items to the mix such as water, 3 oz low fat chicken breast, a condiment or two and boil it.  It was that easy, and I was surprised at how filling it was.

I am not positive that such a restrictive diet is the way to go for me or Matthew, but I do know that if you are interested in the HCG diet, Diet Doc definitely has the products to make your diet journey an easy success!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.